Wednesday, September 30, 2009


LC: Well, I'll be pounced! Iza caught a froggie all on her own. Ayla was inside and I sure dint do it (even though catchin froggies useta be MY specialty). She was so proud she was all fuzzed up!

It was a nice day, so the deck door was open. The Big Thing was sittin nearby when Iza came trottin in with a froggie in her mouth. Before he could even react, she was in the computer room pawin at the closet door desperate ta get in there. Great, we figured she lost it an it went unner the door.

TBT hadda help her find it (have you ever smelled a rotting frog inna closet? He has.) so he pulled out all kinds of clutter. It wasn't in there, MOL! It was unner the computer tower onna floor. I can always find froggies. Well, when I found it, Iza ran over and was TOTALLY INEPT tryin ta grab it again.

Finally, TBT picked it up and led us all to the baftub. I wasnt totally in love wif the idea of gettin in there, but Ayla an Iza hopped right in when he dropped the froggie in there. They hadda great time prodding it an sniffin it.

They finally lost innerest (kits, no attention span...), so TBT brought it over ta me cuz he remembered how much I love them froggies.

When he put it back out onna deck, I followed an had some fun with it.

I really wanned ta bring it back inside, but he dint want froggie-stuff on the floors. I asked politely, but he insisted NO!

So, I ate it out onna deck. I'll spare ya the pictures of THAT part. What can I say? I love frog legs an its been a year since I had any...

I hope Iza catches more.