Friday, October 02, 2009

Cleaning Up Dinner

Ayla: We all get equal portions of dinner. Of course, we dont all eat the same amount, at least not at once. I eat real fast. I allus lick my bowl clean quick an then walk away. Iza eats more cause she is bigger, but she has learned to wait ta see what is left. LC eats really slow and sometimes it drives Iza crazy waitin ta see what is left.

In fact, ya may remember that Iza hadda eat her foods closed up inna bathroom fer some Big Moons when she first came here so she wouldnt eat our foods too. But she is over that now. She just waits patiently.

Amazingly, sometimes Iza is full from her own bowl an even leaves some (like when she has jus eaten a mousie I catched). Well yesserday, there was some food left over after we all walked away!

I came back to finish it. I was HUNGRY!

Now, I should mention that we all have our preferred eating spots. In the above picture, LC eats at the top corner, I eat in the lower corner, and Iza eats in the middle. I dont know why, it just werked out that way when Iza arrived.

Actally, Skeeter used eat in the top corner and LC in the middle. LC moved over ta Skeeter's spot, and Iza took the middle spot. I like eatin near the door.

But wouldnt ya know, Iza so much as hears me eatin an she has ta come back ta make sure she isnt missin somethin.

So she licked LC's bowl clean while I licked Her bowl clean, and when LC came back later there wasn't even a SMELL left in anny of the bowls. We were STILL HUNGRY!

It all werked out OK. TBT gave us a "advance" on breakfast an gave us all some more foods until we stopped eatin...