Friday, October 09, 2009

Strange Loud Beins inna House!

We havent mentioned this cause we were waitain fer all the strangers and yellin ta be done. Itsa been horrible.

We have hadda all be locked in bedrooms while the noisy strangers came in. All cause doors hadda be left open an all, and some lead ta the front yard where we cant go.

Ya see, it seems the heating an cooling thingy went bad in July. It got taken away ta be killed an a new one was put in. But when The Big Thing turned on the heat, weerd stuff happened. So the heaty/cooly beins been tryin ta fix it all week. They came Tuesday an they couldnt fix it though they thought they did.

They came Wedsday an they couldnt fix it and knew they dint!

They came Thursday wif a new bein what had fixed problems like this. That werked, mebbe. We'll see. The new thermstat glows blue instead of green. Mebbe that was the problem. The hallway walls is green anwe bet that makes a difference!

The Big Thing isnt sure it is all fixed, so we will see over a few days. But he an we are darn tired of hafin strangers in the house trying ta fix the same problem over an over while we are locked inna room fer hours. If it isnt fixed this time, TBT says we will be let loose ta bite the ankles of the strangers! Cool!