Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ayla Inna Apple Tree

LC: Well, "you-know-who" is up inna tree again. She just cant stay outta them. This time it is the neighbors apple tree. Ayla has nefer seen a tree she dint wanna climb.

A Big Moon ago, we all saw a neighbor kitty (lives acrossed the street) crawl aroun init. Ayla, of course just hadda give that a try. Sure enough, she got further out on the little thin branches than the neighbor kitty. She yelled ta the world about it...

That branch is no wider than her paw! I swear, the girlcat is crazy! I wont walk on annything narrower than The Big Thing's Shoos...

But she jus stood there proud as a peacock with the branch bendin unner her weight (light as she is).

She finally agreed ta come down when TBT called out "Dinnerrrrrrr-time".