Monday, October 12, 2009

Caught Nappin Together

LC: MOL! The Big Thing caught Ayla and Iza nappin together when he woke up today! He been keepin the camera at the bed since he missed a great picture 2 weeks ago. An today he caught them in the act.

An I was there too. I hafta admit it. I snuck offa the bed when he woke up, but he caught me sneakin away around the corner.

Innerestin stuff in that picture. Ya see where the bed frame is all clawed up? Thats Aylas werk. She loved sharpenin her claws there her first year here. Til she started gettin spritzed... MOL, I LOVED watchin THAT!

An see that little pink thing at the bottom? Thats a toy mousie ear. Iza rips toy mousies ta bits! Shes real fierce wif the toys. Shes pulled the fur offen 2 rattley mousies an The Big Thing has used contact cement ta re-tach the fur 3 times. But she shreds them again inna week.

I tell ya, that girlcat has a mean streak. Shes in love wif her claws. TBT has gone through a box of bandaids in a few Big Moons! He has lerned that just holding a toy near her is a dangerous game! Me, I'm just glad that Ayla is also young an feisty an absorbs most of Iza's attentions!

UPDATE: Our heaty thing been werkin right since Friday. See HERE fer the whole story!