Monday, October 19, 2009

Caladiums A NO-NO!

LC: Max asked us if the Caladiums we showed yesserday were "tasty".

Actally, Max, ya asked a very good question! They ARENT tasty, in fact The Big Thing learned recently that they are NOT GOOD fer cats an other animals ta eat. They are on the Top List of plants not ta eat...

While the ones in our back yard are in hanging pots, the big bed in front hasta go. Fortunately, they are not cold hardy and should die in the next coupla weeks. Now, we are plant-nibblers, so we were probly safe the whole time (an we couldnt reach the hanging baskets in the back yard), but there are neighbor kitties who visit our front yard (mostly). We dont really like introoders even in the front yard, but we sure dont want ta poison one!

So the Caladiums will not be back next year except (mebbe) in a few hanging pots what cant even be reached by Ayla! Mebbe the skwerls will eat them, he-he-he...