Sunday, October 25, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

We spent most of the day just nappin onna bed. The Big Thing went away ta help a friend plant flowers in his lawn.

We dint all get up there at once.

AYLA: I curled up in my favrit spot first. I nap there almost all day if I'm not allowed out. Then I wander around the house most of the night.

LC: Then I came up on the bed. Ayla an I traded some head licks cause we been getting along pretty well lately. Then I went to another spot an curled up. I woke up a bit later when I felt Iza walkin near me. I dint open my eyes. Later, I noticed she had left her favrit toy mousie next ta me! I wonder why?

IZA: I had hopped up on the bed cause The Big Thing dumped some warm socks on the bed an I went over to nap on them. And then, TBT was gome all day! Poof!

So there we all were, nappin the day away about as far apart as we could get onna bed...