Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awkward Day!

LC: Today was Bad Luck Day! We each got clunked by The Big Thing at least oncet... We all discussed it later, an while we each individually thought our own "CLUNK" was his fault, we also agreed that each other's "CLUNK" was their own fault.

That made all our heads hurt a 2nd time, jus trying ta figure out how that could be! So voting on each incident was 2-1, with the "1" being the "clunkee" each time... I'm oldest an unnerstand these Bein/Kitty intersections here a little better, so I'll try an esplain it...

1. My event first... I gotta have some annoying liquid squirted in my mouf fer the thyroid problem twicet a day. I'm usally nappin when it it is time fer that.

So The Big Thing strokes my head lightly until I wake up. Then he takes me ta the bafroom fer the minor torture. But this time, I absolutely panicked! I spun around in place several times like a Tasmanian Devil, hissed, puffed up, and ran straight inta a table leg. Clunk!

It was a while afore I calmed down an just let him pick me up. Ayla an Iza said he did the same thing as usally.

2. Iza had her surprise CLUNK next. TBT was watching TV. Iza decided to hop up on his lap, which they both enjoy. Well, Ayla an I both happened ta be lookin (cause Iza is kinna clumsy an even watchin her hoppin up inna chair can be amusin). Well, just as she hopped, he reached out with the TV Remote thingie and caught her right on the side of the head. She not only fell down, she landed on her side.

We laffed til our sides hurt...

Iza ran ta the other side of the room and stared all wide-eyed. To be fair, TBT dint laff at her. In fact he went an sat down onna floor until she calmed down and came over fer some scritches. Then he picked her up and sat in the chair with her until she fell asleep on his lap.

3. Ayla got the last CLUNK. TBT was sittin on the side of the bed at night, taking off his furs (real weerd process what always amazes us). Ayla an Iza were chasin each other around in the bedroom when Iza pounced Ayla an she took off running. While TBT was swinging a foot up to remove a shoe... Right in her path... Shoe... Head... CLUNK!

Ouch! Even Iza an I couldnt laff at that one. Ayla was a bit discomflooberated an TBT grabbed Iza in mid-pounce*. Ayla sat unner the bed fer a while. She curled up next ta him in bed later. I'm not sure if she was forgivin him, dint know what had happened, or if she was still addled (an she aint sayin)...

* TBT here: Grabbing Iza in mid-pounce from a surprised unbalanced one-foot sitting position is like grabbing a 10 pound sack of salt launched from a "cat-a-pault". LOL! She nearly pulled me off the side of the bed. ;)

Well, we're all hopin we dont haf a day like THAT again fer a long time. Did anny other kitties have "Bad Luck Day" today?