Friday, October 30, 2009


WOW, we are approachin our 50,000th visitor "sometime in the next couple Big Moons". So we wanna celerybrate. Guess the day we will hit 50,000 and win toys (we are thinkin rattley fevverbutt mousies and foam balls) and treats! One guess per unique comment per kitty (cause we only haf kitty toys and treats ta send).

1. Same date guesses are allowed an ties will be determined by a random draw (not first guess) by LC (the very soul of fairness) iffen it happens.

2. Sendin prizes is limited to the USA (cause it gets weerd trying to send stuff outside it an The Big Thing doesnt wanna fill out the strange forms).

3. Sorry ta our non-USA friends, BUT, ya can post a guess an (iffen ya win) ya can designate a USA friend to receive it in yer name. An they'll owe ya...

4. Post yer guesses on any of our posts until the deadline date. We'll keep track of them.

5. The deadline for guesses is midnight Nov 6th EST. (UPDATE: EXTENDED TO NOV 10TH)


My 16th Gotcha Day is tomorrow! Come by and visit. I'm not going too fancy this year, but there will be ham an shrimp an nip drinks. An Ayla an Iza will play lots an hard wif annykitties what come by. There will be boxes too. I would party hardy, but it feels odd wifout Skeeter here. So Ayla an Iza will be the hostesses. I will sit quietly on the kitty condo an greet all my friends.

But please come by an wear out the 2 brats so I can get a good night sleep!