Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Gotcha Day

LC: Today is my 16th Gotcha Day! HURRAY... We are all getting a live dead SHRIMP an HAM fer my party taday! Im lookin forward ta THAT.

But I feel a little sad about today. Its my first ever Gotcha Day wifout Skeeter. Here is my 1st Gotcha Day wif him (well a few days after)...

He was sucha good wunnerful Big Broffer! Took care of me right from the 2nd day. Let me curl up an efrything! I loved him from the beginning an all the 15 years after. I sure miss him.

It woulda been his 17th. Well, I guess it still is, but ya know what I mean... At least I know I'll see him again sometime. The Big Thing says mebbe Skeeter will whisper in my dreams tonight an tell me how much fun he is havin over the Bridge.

TBT says he gotta surprise fer me, but I wont know what it is until 2 days. That sounds ecitin!

Thanks evrykitty fer comin by an cellybratin wif me!

AND: I wanna thank Zoolatry for this wunnerful graphic she sent me as a present!

Is that COOL or what? Wow, ME on CNN!

And Oh yes it WAS the best day. Ya see, The Big Thing came inta the pet shop looking fer a kitty ta be friends with Skeeter (course, I dint know that then). I was sharin a cage wif this bootiful calico princess what efry Bein wanted ta take home. But when they were told she was sold fer a wedding gift, no one wanned me. Cause I hissed and grabbed the cage sides opposite from the Beins.

But He wanned ME! Cause I was brave an fiesty and stuff. Well, it took them both ta pry my tiny claws offa the cage wire. AND ta stuff me inna box. But that was cause I dint know Beins could be "GOOD", ya know?

I hid fer a couple days unner beds and stuff, but Skeeter was patient and The Big Thing was patient, and I finally discovered that SOME kitties and SOME Beins were real friendly-like...

That was definitely the best day of my life. Skeeter licked me and purred with me an let me snuggle close ta him an all. An he pertected me from the mean kitty.

So this is my 1st Gotcha Day wifout him... I'm sad, of course, but also feelin taday is a celerybration fer him too.

So join us in a happy day fer me an a day of happyness about Skeeter too!

UPDATE: I haf been havin such a great day! So many friends have visited, we haf all been eatin great foods and jumpin in boxes an stuff. Some haf just sat wif me on the kitty condo an some have been runnin aroun wif Ayla and Iza! We all preciate the extra ham an nip that some kitties brought (we didt quite prepare enough ourselfs). Its been SUCH a great day altogether!

UPDATE: Wow, it was such a great Gotcha Day! I thanks all the kitties what came by ta visit an those what posted nice comments. I like that Ayla an Iza are all worn out from running around and doing THoE wif other young'ns; they shoud sleep all night an leave me in peace! Me, I'll snuggle up next ta The Big Thing tonite and sleep long an well...

This was the best day I've had in a long time , an I thank all of ya for it. I got more head-licks taday than in the pas Big Moon an it was so nice ta sit nexta adult kittiies an jus enjoy the company...