Sunday, November 01, 2009

Skeeter Whispers In The Night...

LC Asleep:

Skeeter: PING. "Hi"!

Skeeter, that you? Its been so long... I was thinkin about ya just yesserday. It was our Gotcha Day! Do you remember?

Skeeter: Of course I do. My best Gotcha Day was when you arrived there on my 1st one.

LC: My surprise? I don't know what it is. Do you? Oh, of course you do. Can ya give me a hint?

Skeeter: "Furs"

LC: Furs? FURS!?

Wait, what do ya mean, "I'll be happier"? Why will I? I'm happy now!

Skeeter: You will be happier tomorrow. I can't tell you why, just that you will be.

LC: But why?

Skeeter: Peace little Sister, all will be well...

LC: I want to be with you again!

Skeeter: All in good time. But not soon. You have time on the Earth for a while. Birds and mousies to enjoy. Scritches to enjoy. And there will be frogs ta hunt again next year. Stop worrying about "time". I am 5 years old here forever. When you get here, you can be any age you want.

LC: Can I be 2 again?

Skeeter: Any age you want. But it is not your time yet... Sit on The Big Thing's lap, chase tossed toys. Enjoy the world you are in. Leave love around you all the time. Put up with the new kittens when they arrive as we did with Ayla.

LC: I miss you Skeeter...

Skeeter: And I miss you too Dear Sister. Be kind to the kitties around you, they need your guidance. And The Big Thing. He misses me more than you know. I feel it in him every day...

Your job is to bring peace and calmness into the house in my absence and to teach Ayla and Iza to carry it forward to the cats-who-come-after.

LC: Oh right, like Tinkerbelle dint for us?

Skeeter: Tinkerbelle is here. She got lost one day out wandering the swamp, but she found a nice People for the last few years of her life. She lived to be 15 and went over the Bridge in her sleep in front of a warm fireplace with treats in her tummy. But you have to remember that she was always in pain from the doggie bites she sufferred as a kitten. She is free of that now and she regrets being mean to us. She was just always a bit pained.

LC: Oh Skeeter, I am so glad to hear that. She was growly at us, but you protected me from her. Still, that is good ta know she found Peoples an had a good end...

Skeeter: All of us have an end in the Bein world. Some are sad, most are peaceful. Yours will be peaceful. But it will not be real soon. So enjoy your time and remember me. We will be together again "someday". But I will not tell you when that will be... I have to go now.

LC: Skeeter, tell me Skeeter? Skeeter? Where are you? Skeeter?