Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Strangers

IZA: Yesserday, I decided ta check the Strangers out. LC an Ayla said I was crazy! But Im brave and coorious...

So I suddenly went out at watched them. They were sittin in chairs an seemed all calm an stuff. I don't know what the big deal is.

First, I went over an sniffed at the Old Dad Bein. he seemed vaguely familiar, so I went closer. He let me lick his fingers. So I took a chance an hopped up on his lap. It wasnt ezactly like The Big Things lap, but close enough. The Old Dad Bein was quite friendly an scritched me right, so I sat on his lap a while. He seemed pleased.

Heres a closeup...

I licked his fingers while doin my paws. I do that wif The Big Thing too. It just seemed natural.

But he hadda get up eventually. So I went an checked out the Old Mom Bein. She had been tryin ta get my attention fer a while annyway. She was in the "right" chair, so I hopped up. She went all purry herself. I mean, she was SO happy. So I sat on her lap fer a bit.

Then she moved a little, so I went and napped on her legs. She loved it. Apparently she is a very old cat-lover. Well, ya know, ya can always tell... And while I lay on her legs, she tole me about all the wunnerful kitties she has had in her life. She seems ta have had some good ones. But they are so long over the Bridge, she nefer hears from them annymore. That was kinna sad.

An when LC an Ayla realized the strange Beins were really nice, they came out too, They wernt willin ta hop on laps, but they did stay in the room and play wif some toys. An heck, the Old Mom Lady was thrilled just ta see them sittin aroun. We were all kinna surprised. I asked LC later why we dint all just do that to begin with. LC said the Old Mom Bein was grabby in past years. Well, she is just calm an friendly now.

I tole them that she isnt grabby (cant be), so they got braver. Which made the Old Mom Bein happy.

Eventally, she got ta scritch evrykitty. That made her really happy! We all gave her some head-bumpies as they left this morning...