Friday, November 06, 2009


LC: Meanwhile, after the strange Beins left, I went back ta my favrite chair. The Big thing had folded up the sheet wif all my furs on it and stashed it while his elder Beins were here (cause they dont like furs fer some reason) an he brought it back out after. I was so happy ta be nappin on my loosed furs again!

He says he's gonna wash it though. Awwww... I LIKE it this way!

UPDATE: We are extendin the deadline ta our CONTEST of when we get our 50,000th visitor to Nov 10th cause we dint mention it often enough (distracted by the visitin Beins) an we would like ta see more guesses. Please enter a guess. Toys and treats ta the winner! Post yer guess here or on anny post... Guesses are free, so do it now!