Saturday, November 07, 2009

Safe Again!

US: We settled back in the main rooms after the Old Beins left early Wedsday. Yeah, we did well wif them (like that we gave them headbutts afore they left), but we still wanned our house back like usual...

We see it this way. The Old Beins were were cool an all, but we still felt a bit upset ta haf visitors. We did our part ta be friendly (specially Iza). An The Big Thing owes us fer sittin on laps and actin are friendly.

Iza immediately took over the easy chair where the Old Dad Bein sat. We're not sure why, but she liked it.

Mebbe it was cause she found the nip cigar there and was feelin a need fer a little soothin..

LC took over the old easy chair again. Its her best place.

Ayla went straight up to the top of the kitty condo.

Iza is kinna missin the Old Dad Bein... She really liked him.

An we were all happy ta get inta the Guessed Room again!