Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Kitty?

IZA: I saw the cutest little kitty outside the door tonite!

The Big Thing: Iza, it was a possum...

An it looked through the door at me like it wanned ta come in. I wanned to play wif it..

The Big Thing: Iza, it was a possum...

It even seemed ta wanna play wif my toy fevverbutt mousie! That seemed kittylike.

The Big Thing: Iza, it was a possum...

An I wanned ta lick its fur an groom it (cause it really needed some groomin).

Iza, it has fleas, ticks, maybe rabies, sharp teeth and the temperment of a shrew as big as you are!

Oh! Um, well, yeah, I dint like it annyway an I tole ya so!

Chase it away while I watch!

NOT My Gotcha Day...

LC: I regret ta say it, but today is NOT my Gotcha Day! That was Oct 31st and there was a party then. I do thank everykitty for the kind wishes today, though! ;)

It appears the hard-workin Cat Blogosphere Staff made a little mixup. We sent them an announcement about extendin the deadline fer guessin the date of our 50,000th visitor contest to Nov 10th an they accidently posted the Gotcha Day message from last month...

Fer details on the 50,000th Visitor Contest, go HERE.

PS: Alasandra says they is throwin a LC's UN- Gotcha Day Party At Their Place! But we cant find it. Mebbe it is tomorrow. We're not sure.