Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dinner Toy Tossin

IZA: Well, me an The Big Thing got a routine at dinnertime. Its cool. He goes around an collects all my favrit toys (Squiggles, foam balls, rattley mice) on the old decrepit table next ta where he eats (We might get around ta esplainin why he keeps it sometime, but not now).

Then after we eat, he eats his foods while watchin the TV.

So while he does His eatin, he tosses my toys aroun the house. I bring them back (usually) an he tosses them all round again. That is SO COOL! I specially love carryin the Squiggles back an I drop them at his feet. He scratches my head an tells me what a GOOD GIRL I am. He surprises me by then tossin a differnt foam ball or rattly mouse and I go beat them up fer a while an bring them back. An Ayla sometimes joins inna fun. She doesnt bring the toys back to him like I do though.

It cant get better than THAT! Well, unless a sunpuddle would appear there at night wif a live mousie...

But I gotta ask ya. Is a Bein tossin toys around WHILE HE IS EATIN "great" or what? Do yours do that?