Monday, November 16, 2009



I haf a question fer ya all. I've been delayin this while I thought about it. The Big Thing tole me what my Gotcha Day prezzie was last week, and I'm not sure iffen I want it. So I need some advices... He says it is my decision to make.

See, I'm gettin old an I got matts in my furs. They were real bad a few weeks ago. So The Big Thing thought I would be happy if they were removed. He cant handle me around skissors too well, so he thought a pro-fessinional (as opposed to a con-fessional, I suppose) would be a good idea. Ive NEVER been "groomed" at a "grooming place".

But then, I started pullin them out myself. I'm not totally inept at groomin, ya know. I mean, I was leavin clumps out all over the place (he composts my furs, is that cool or what?)

So I'm pretty much self-un-clumped right now.

My question is, would I like bein "professionally groomed"? Is it fun? Does it feel real good after? Will I look prettier? Is there annything scarey about it? I gotta know cause TBT is gonna make an appointment inna couple days unless I tell him I dont wanna to it. He does say it is my choice.

So, should I try it?