Tuesday, November 17, 2009


IZA: Wow! First we had a possum visit our deck and now a raccoon! I knew right off that I dint wanna play with THIS one. It was twicet big as me, had long sharp teef, and it looked REAL hungry...

I mean, I'm brave and all, but that thing dint seem like it would run iffen I chased it. The Big Thing saw it first. I was nappin on his lap. He woke me up real fast (never a good thing) and carried me ta the deck door. I was a bit sleepy, so it took me a minnit ta see what he was tryin ta get me ta look at. THEN I was all awake!

It came right up to the door and tapped at it trying ta get in. It wanted ME! I consider it the height of composure that I dint pee right on the floor. Well, I couldnt back away cause The Big Thing was aholdin me like LC when she is getting her meds.

I was serious nervous at first, but then I realized TBT wasnt the least bit askairt an wanned me ta watch it fer future reference.

So I watched it walk around our deck until it got all bored an left. TBT said it was a "nature lesson" Yeah, I got the idea. Iffen I see one of those things outside, RUN LIKE HELL!

Too bad the flashy camera wasnt in reach... TBT says he is gonna get one he can keep inna pocket just for times like this. And one that takes close upshots from far away. An one that takes moving pictures too. Wow...

Annyway, I wish he had the little pocket one tonight. That wouldda been great!

At least I whapped the door real hard a coupla times as it was leavin ta let it know I dint want it comin back here... I fuzzed up real big too. It saw me and hurried up its pace. It better not come back!