Friday, November 20, 2009

More of "Annything Can Be A Toy"!


It started as a regular "brown paper lunch bag" (what The Big Thing called it, but I found no lunch innit - mebbe Ayla snatched the "lunch" part). I shouldda taken a "before" picture of it.

But he crumpled it up inna ball and tossed it to me. I was onnit like The Flash! I batted it around, bunny-kicked it, chewed onnit, and all sorts of mean, nasty stuff!

It went from bag to this:

I tore it up real good fer 2 whole days! It looked like this when I was done wif it:

I finally took a good look at it yesserday, but there was no fun left innit annymore...

The Big Thing looked at it and decided it was "compostable". I have ripped up a lot of toy mousies in my year, but none were "compostable", so I musta done a special job on this one...

I am walking round so proud and tail high! I compostated a paper bag so fierce it is plant food!!!