Sunday, November 22, 2009

We're Stoopid!

OK, we are VERY STOOPID KITTIES here. Even The Big Thing. As we slowly lost posting icons, we got annoyed, like when skwerrels chatter atcha, ya know? We had tried everything we knew ta get at the icons, an the answer was just there laffin in our faces, but we dint realize it.

When we updated the editor a month ago, we missed noticin the new "Compose" button. There, we've admitted it... We're sure evrykitty else noticed but us... See how really dumb we are? Just hit the Compose button and all the lovely icons appear!

So we are trying ta figure out what sully characters we are. Ayla and Iza havta be TweedleDum and TweedleDee, LC is the March Hare, and The Big Thing gets ta be The Mad Hatter (well, cause he wears hats an we dont). We jus KNOW The Cheshire Ceiling Cat is lookin down at us laffing his mean little snicker off!

So, we are really sorry we got some many friends worried an upset we might be leavin. Its all our fault. We wish we could blame it on too much Nip or somethin, but we cant.

The Mad Hatter here:  It is worth noting that sheer dumb persistence does pay off when trying to solve problems.  Rule 1, "try everything and click everywhere".  Rule 2, "see Rule 1".  LOL!

Anyway, thanks fer all the encouragin comments.  They kept us searchin fer the fix of our problems.  We might not have kept lookin fer the answer without y'all.  We feel SO great now that we can go postin like normal again!


Yay, pictures again...