Monday, November 23, 2009

New Cameras!

AYLA:  Oh this is inerrestin!  We got new cameras today!  One is a little thing The Big Thing can keep in his pocket.  Its a "Canon Powershot A1100 IS".  An we got a 2GB memory card, so it can take a squillion shots at a time.  An its got "image stabilzer" so our shakey paws wont make bad pictures (we hope).  We'll see...

The other is a (gasp) camcorder for MOVING PICTURES.  We haf no idea how ta use that, but we will try ta learn  Now, we gotta admit we sometimes don't like the cameras, but Iza does do a lot of real active stuff and that would be cool ta show.  An she can get a mazingly active beatin toy mousies around!   And I would sure love to have me shown climbin up an down trees an the fence, ya know? 

Its a "Flip Video".  Not the best stuff, but we arent plannin ta make hollywood movies...  All we hafta do now is figure out how ta use it and upload stuffs!