Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cat Grass 3

Oh so cool! We got to eat some today!

It started like this:

The Big Thing had been lookin fer some seeds.  He dint like the spensive little kits with a special pot, some dirt an just a few seeds, so this was JUST RIGHT!

Then it got planted.  Somehow, he missed takin a picture of it.  Well, it was just a lil pot wif dirt innit...

Then it grew like this and we were allowed ta eat some!

AYLA:  I got ta try it first (LC was nappin in the cube tent an dint wanna get up). 

I gave it a careful sniff.  I mean, The Big Thing was offerrin it an he doesnt play tricksies on us wif food, but it is allus wise ta be cautious!

I took a taste!  It is "Innerestin".  Like grass, but a little softer and better-tastin...

 So, I really chowed down onit!

 Then, of course, I carefully licked my mouf clean.  I LIKED IT!

 LC:  I was watchin Ayla eat the stuff, but I wanned ta see iffen she liked it.  I do that with all food.  I useta watch Skeeter eat before I would, and I watch Ayla now.  Iza isnt a good guide, cause she eats ANNYTHING!  So I went over an gave it a sniff myself.

 It smelled good enough that I let Ayla eat at the same time as me...