Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner Delayed!

LC, Ayla, and Iza:  GASP!  We arent gettin our Turkey Day Dinner today an its all The Big Things fault...  We got stuck wif a canned Turkey&Giblets fer lunch!  At least we got canned duck fer dinner.  That stuff is GREAT!  An TBT says we will have a real turkey day tomorrow.  We'll wait an see...

TBT:  Yeah, it's true, I botched it, but it wasn't entirely MY fault either.  First, I had decided not to do a turkey this year; it's just too much meat for one person and a few cats.  But at lunchtime, I decided I should get a whole chicken and roast it, do the mashed potatoes with gravy, make a dressing, etc.  Just for a semblance of a holiday dinner.

So I went to the butcher shop to get a chicken.  They were closed.  I was certain their sign had said they would be open until 2 PM and it was only 1 PM.  Nope, closed for the whole day...  So, dreading the crowd, I went to the big grocery store.  The only whole chicken they had was a brand I do not like, so I reluctantly looked at the turkeys.  Fortunately, they had some "fresh" turkeys, and I found one that was only 12 lbs, and at 89 cents/pound, it was hard to pass up.  I got some parsnips and asparagus to roast along with it.

I was feeling pretty good about it, but when I got home, I discovered that the turkey was partially frozen.  Not rock hard, but "crunchy" enough so that it needed to thaw for a few hours.  I didn't feel like starting to roast a turkey at 6 PM...

So, we'll pretend that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  I'll leave one side of the breast meat unspiced for the cats.  The won't eat it otherwise.  LOL!

US AGAIN:  See?  We tole ya it was all his fault!  But since hes gonna roast a turkey tomorrow, we'll forgive him.  An he better not ferget an spice up our part!  We better get ta lick up some gravy too.  We like that!
What do you think will happen tommorrow?

1.  TBT will put the turkey inna oven and ferget to actally cook it?
2.  He will ferget about not smearing spicy stuff over our part?
3.  He will accidently set the oven on "self-cleaning"?
4.  It will be cooked ta die for?

Happy Thanksgivin ta all you what cellybrated it today...