Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner Enjoyed!

Oh WOW!  The Turkey was there on the table, with our part unspiced.  It was golden-skinned, and while The Big Thing doesn't eat turkey skin, we do!  It was crisp and tastey (so much so that he broke it into bits fer us)!  We were dyin waitin fer it ta cool down enough ta eat (an he says fer the juices ta go back intas the meat)

Oh Bast, he even cut our part of it off first so that we could get at it fast (the smells of it were just killing us).  Then he diced it up wif his best fancy knife.  First, he used a fancy knife ta cut down along the ribs.  Then he used a dishtowel ta grab the loose  breast and pull it loose of the body.  Oh Bast, it is SO COOL ta see a Bein what knows how to really rip a carcass apart.  We swear he is part cat...  Oh wait, we aren't allowed ta admit that stuff for Beans.  Ferget we said it.  Or you will find spiders in your dressers!  We have ways...

TBT:  I saw it on a cooking show, no kitty secrets were revealed.  Relax...

Um. mebbe, an mebbe you been watchin us too close around the birdies.  Just be watchful fer spiders...

TBT:  I'm not afraid of spiders.  Do you want your litterboxes left alone for two days?

Um, Right, cooking shows, got it, no secrets revealed, we're cool.  Cleaning the litterboxes, today right?  OK.    Um, back to the turkey.  So he got it all ripped apart, wif our side of the unspiced breast loose.  Then he cut it into various size pieces.  Oh wow, different size pieces in each of our bowls.  We even got ta choose THAT!

Iza:  Ate big chunks fast.
Ayla:  Ate bits fast
LC:  Ate tiny bits slowly

On the table!  We got ta eat up there wif TBT!  We each had our turn.  That was SO COOL!  He couldn't have us all up at once of course, cuz he couldn't protect his part of the turkey.  But it was still special fer each of us.

An none of us frew up!  Not even after some gravy on the second dinner of turkey (in our bowls this time)!  Mebbe its the cat grass...

Now we are waiting fer the Chrissymouse HAM DINNER!

But it is time to say what we are thankful for (aside the great turkey).

We are mostly thankful fer The Big Thing, what give us house, food, toys, and laptime and such.

But we are also thankful fer his friendship, his attention, and bein let outdoors inna safe place.

We are thankful fer our friends what come visit our bloggie, an who make good bloggies fer us ta visit an enjoy.

We are thankful that the huge place is safe cause other Beins defend the big place so The Big Thing can provide our tiny safe place.  Without them, he couldn't.

We are thankful for the hungry kitties what get fed by good kind Beins, while sad for the lost kitties what don't got that.  We are thankful for the Beins what try to help the lost kitties, while unnerstandin that the Beins cant help every lost kitty.  We are thankful they at least try.

We are thankful every time a kitty finds a forever home, and sometimes even a temporary home.  Iffen a good Bein helps a kitty through the Winter, it gots another chance at findin a home an hafin a longer life.

Today is our Thanksgiving Day, cuz The Big Thing messed up yesserday.  So we wanned ta do it right.

And there is warm turkey an gravy fer annykitties what wanta teleport over!  Oh Bast, he is thawin out shrimpsies!    Come on over...

50,000th Visitor!

Ocurred today at 3:34 AM.  The winner is tied.  TT guessed 11/25 and Sylvester guessed  11/29 and it happened on the 27th right in between..  We didn't plan for that and hadn't said that if the date was passed, just "closest", so we decided that they both have to win.  They will both get toys and treats.

TT and Sylvester, please send yer address to us at "marksmews-2118 AT comcast DOT net".  You know to replace AT and DOT with the symbols, we hope.  If not, tell us so in comments and we will deal with that.   We are sendin The Big Thing to go hunt similar but different toys an treats fer both of you tommorrow when he wakes  up (is he gonna be surprised or what?)!  MOL!