Saturday, November 28, 2009

Second Turkey Dinner!

We had more turkey tonight (in our regular bowls).  The Big Thing is glad there isnt too much left after all the kitties who teleported over an helped eat it.  He let us lick the gravy bowl after he was done with it too.  We love that stuff.  He says it might taste good, but probly isnt all that healthy fer kitties, so it was a treat, not real food.  We dunno.  It TASTES like real food.

After, we played wand toys fer an hour, an even LC joined in the fun.  An he tossed mousies and foam balls all around.  We got eshausted...  He says he bets we sleep like logs tonite.  Logs sleep?  Who knew?

He was real annoyed the camera batteries died, but they are bein fed now.  Mebbe we can take pictures again tomorrow!  He is gonna try the video one real soon.

So, annyway, our thanks ta all the kitties who visited an helped us eat the turkey (and shrimps).  That was alotta fun!  TBT loved watchin alla us runnin around the house doing THoE, running arounf the kitty condo an playin wif all the toys. 

Thanks all!