Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cards and Blogline

Wow, did we ever have some surprises yesserday!

1.  First the cards:  The Big Thing dragged up our computer holiday card-sendin list from last year.  Of course, we looked it over carefully.  After all, we dont wanna address a card to a kitty what is over the Bridge of course, cuz it aint no use trying to mail cards over there.  We know.  we tried ta send Skeeter a birfday card and it came back "undeliverable". The Big Thing tole us it would, but well, we wanned ta try anyway.  So we dint wanna do that by mistake again.

We have fun helpin TBT make the cards an laffin at him when he made silly Bein mistakes (more on that later).  We paw the next name on the list an helpful stuff like sittin on the envelopes.

[LC an Ayla: If anything smells funny on yer card, its cuz Iza likes ta do "The Butt Scootch" across papers. Now, we checked her good afore that, an she was real clean, but we're warning ya fer the sake of honestly. Like TBT has given up worryin about it, and even he aint dead yet... In fact, he cleans so much litterpan stuff, he is probly the most dangerous thing in the house in spite of all his handwashin]

[TBT:  OK, enough already, ladies!] 

[OK, but guess who licked all the envolope glue...  We hope she dint send US any cards!]

But the surprise was that we learnt that a bunch of our friends what we thought had stopped posting are going good right up ta yesterday!  Yes.,we are total embarr-assed ta discover we havent been visitin some friends just cuz we THOUGHT they werent postin.

[Its TBT's fault.  Hes sposed ta KNOW that stuff]

Which leads us ta Number 2...

[Iza: does that mean Im sposed ta go poop downstaors right now?]

[Iza been hitting on the Nip plant too much TBT!]

[ENOUGH, or the squirt bottle comes out!]

(Ahem) coff, coff...

Which brings us ta item 2.   We haf been usin Blogline ta keep up wif the lastest posts.  Its cool cuz it shows us who has made new posts.  So if annyone has noticed we aren't on the Blogspot/Google "Follower" thingie, that why.  We are followin about 50 kittie blogs plus commentors what arent on our list, it just doesn't show up on that "Follower" thing.  An it seems so HARD ta switch.  So we gotta ask a few questions...

1 mousie - Does it bother annyone that ya don't see us on the Follower thing?

2 mousie - Is there a way ta export all our Blogline list ta Follower in one swell foop?

3 mousie - Is there a better thing than Bloglist or Follower? If we gonna switch, it better be to the best...

Just checking...