Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Year Gone...

THE BIG THING: Been one whole year today since Skeeter went over The Bridge. Exactly at this post time of 3:45 pm.  I won't forget the day and I won't forget the time.

A sad day of memories... I still think of him often. I have been fortunate to have many good kitties in my long life and I have loved them all, but there has never been one like you, Skeeter. And there will never be another like you again.

From your first days asleep beside a small remote:

To your last (falling over as you tried to find the litterbox) and I knew the terrible truth that day:

And all the wonderful days of your prime in between:

On this day, I most especially miss you Skeeter.

It is hard to describe the differences between Skeeter and the other wonderful cats I have had in my life. It is mostly a matter of degree. But by any measurement, be it it friendliness, bed-compatible, lapness, easy-going-ness, satisfied by any food, attentive, mouse-hunting, utter handsomeness, kind to and wonderful Big Brother to other cats, even general life-long health; he was the top winner in all categories.

My dear friend, if I could have you back again from the first day and for many years, I would gladly give up a year of my life...  You would enrich all the other years so much, it would be worth it.

Skeeter, I'm glad you are having fun over The Bridge at the forever prime age of 5. I will join you there one day, my friend. I will find a place to sit, you will hop up on my lap, and I will scritch and stroke you into happy unconciousness as in days of old when you went completely limp and oblivious to the scary world, safe in my arms.

And you and I will meet again all the kitties of my life...  You will stand closest to me, and they will understand and not be offended in any way.

I won't be there very soon, Skeeter. I have other kitties to care for (one you never even met and maybe others in the future), and a life to finish living for a while. But I will will be there one day, my friend...

On this anniversary of the minute of your departure from my world, I remember you.  And until we meet again, all I have is this:

Memories of you, a small physical reminder, and old photos...

The Big Thing