Monday, December 14, 2009

Anonymous Blocking

We are getting more anonymous spam comments these days.  Some are dubious ads for meds, some are just random weird gibberish.  We set up delayed Comment Moderation a few months ago, but having to reject some comments every day is getting to be annoying.

We are reluctant to use Word Moderation, because we find it personally annoying and don't wish to subject our friends to that.  The Comment Moderation hardly ever effects anyone but spammers.

But we are going to experiment with changing our blog to not accept "anonymous" posts.  That means, as far as we can tell by discussions on blogger forums, that none of you will notice the difference.

But if you are a friend and cannot comment, please let us know.  Our email addy is embedded in our header.  We trust you know about changing some words to the symbols...  We don't want any friend to be blocked from commenting.  But the spam comments are increasing weekly, and we have to try to stop or reduce it.

But definitely, no one can post "anonymous" anymore.  We regret that, but it may only affect the spammers (we hope).

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