Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Package!

We got a package a few days ago!  Its fer us cuz our names are on it.  We wanted to open it right away, but the Big Thing said we should wait til Chrissymouse Day.  We said that was too long...

So he said we should do it on the Solstice Day.  We grumbled, but at least thats only a week away...  Then he said we could have both duck and tuna Stinky Goodness next week, so we gave in.

[THE BIG THING: You get both each week anyway]

Wait, what?  We been had again.  Ooh, he is SUCH a tricksie negotiator!  We are gonna sit on his face while he is asleep!  And use the litterboxes all we can so he hasta clean them more often!