Thursday, December 17, 2009

Food Bowls

We have had many kinda food bowls over the years. When it was Big Skeeter and LC, we had large bowls cause we split a can of Stinky Goodness oncet a day.

When Ayla joined us, we hadda kinna chase our foods around in the large bowls cuz we were all splittin 2 cans a day twicet. She was small an needed feedin little amounts more often. An she dint like dry crunchies.

When Skeeter left last December, we stayed wif the smaller bowls but oncet a day. That dint werk cuz we kept pushin it over the bowl edges.

Then Iza joined us in January this year an we went back ta larger bowls once a day. But that dint werk fer Iza.

Fer months, we been on small bowls twicet a day (cause it helped Iza handle her food intake). It sure has been somethings ta adjust to! But The Big Thing decided it was too hard ta clean our 2 sets of bowls efry day (cause he isn't a good regular cleaner of bowls) an he wanted ta find more of the bowls what we were usin at the moment.

The only place that he could hunt them at was Target, an they were always "out of stock" ("stock" being things he hunts, we think). So he finally gave up and hunted the white bowls. He wasnt sure brown food looked good in white bowls, but he was getting tired of huntin (an failin) the red ones efry week.

AHEM, like WE can tell the difference? He has all these names fer colors we dont see annyway.

ITS THE FOOD, RIGHT? We dont really care whether he plops the Stinky Goodness on a piece of sandpaper or in a fine crystal glass! We jus want it in a size where we can lick it outta efry spot.

But he means well, an we love him fer THAT. But it was fun thinkin back on all the foodbowls we have had...