Saturday, December 19, 2009


IZA:  Wow, we are having neat weird weather!  Fluffy white stuff is falling from the sky.  I never seen it afore.  Ayla says she seen it twice, and LC says she has seen it too many times.  The Big Thing, of course, has seen it many times.  But even he says he has only seen it like this a couple times.  LC says it is called "snow".  TBT says it is fluffy rain.  Well, at least I know what rain is.  But "fluffy rain"?  I don't know how that can happen.  Does that make it like "lint?

I was allowed ta paw at it through the open deck fer a few minits.  It is COLD, it is very light and fluffy.  It is REAL cold out. The stuff floats down like fevvers, but sometimes the wind gets real strong and blows the stuff in yer face.

Mainly, it is piled very HIGH!  Right next ta the deck door it is only like a paw deep, but a cat0length away, it is very high.  When TBT closed the deck door, I stretched up on it an looked out.  I couldn't see over it!  Well, I can see up toward the trees, but I can't see things I normally see, like the birdie feeder and the shrubses I like ta sit unner.

TBT put onna a bunch of strange stuff I never saw him dressed in afore, ta go out an get his noospaper and the mail.  I am embarrassed ta say that he looked like a scarey monster in all that stuff, so I poofed my tail and raised are my furs at him until he spoke ta me.  He even put big tall (taller than me) rubberry things called "boots" on his feet an said he was goin "out front" ta get them.  So I jumped on the "front" windowsill ta watch.  I was amazed.  He had trubble walkin through the stuff.  An when he came back in, there was that "snow" stuff over his tall rubber boots an even his leg clothes.

But, cool, there were several cards fer us in the mail, so we are glad he went out ta get them.  There was even a small package fer us!  More on that later.

Apparently, the "snow" falls weerd.  Cauz it was only 14" deep out front on the driveway, but like I said, it was taller than me stretched up on the deck door in the back.  TBT started ta splain it, but I know that tone of voice and trotted away.  Snow just "is". I dont care "why".  But, annyway, the deck seems ta have 2 feet of snow an the driveway has only 14".  Who cares about the "why"?  TBT seems obsessed by stuff like that.

LC says it will be fun after the snow-stuff stops fallin cuz TBT will dig a path across the deck so we can go out an watch the skwerrels struggle through it.  That sounds cool!  We all have already had fun watchin the birdies hop on the snow near the deck door.  We all chatter together at them.

Im worried the stuff wont stop fallin.  I mean, its been fallin 2 days.  What if it just keeps doing that?  Well, at least we got a Big Moon worth of Stinky Goodness in the pantry.  An buckets of clean litter.  So I figure we are safe fer a while.

But Im pretty sure we kitties wont be runnin around the big back yard fer a while!