Thursday, December 24, 2009

Computer Problem - Fixed?

Well we THINK The Big Thing got the puter fixed, but it seems too easy and may only be temporary.

Today TBT took the puter down ta the cold basement an left it there fer a few minnits.  When he turned it on, it made some noise where the hard drive is, but it stopped after 10 seconds.  He said that made him think the hard drive was overheating cause the fans werent turnin fast.  But in the cold basement, it wasnt overheatin!  Well, that still wasnt gonna help upstairs where it is warmer.  So he took that case off annyway, and turned on a real noisey machine that blows real hard.  He shot air into the puter from all directions specially at the fans and he says some stuff did come out (like cat hairs and grit).  When he turned it on again, no noise!

Then he brought it back upstairs, left the side open, let it sit fer a hour, and turned it on.  NO NOISE!  We are all hopin that lasts, but it probly wont.  But he says as long as it lasts past the holidays, that would be good cuz the Apple repair store is REAL busy right now and after ChrissyMouse Day.

It doesnt seem fair that there are 3 Windows repair stores right here in town, but the nearest Apple repair place is 30 miles away!  First, he's not thrilled ta hafta drive 60 miles round trip twice in holiday traffic.  Second, we all sure dont wanna hafta be wifout a puter fer a week!

So we are all purring good thoughts that it keeps werkin right fer a while...