Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sharing Tight Space

IZA:  I hopped up onna top of the kitty condo only ta find Ayla nappin there.  Well, I wanned ta look out the window, so I stayed.  Almost all the snow suddenly melted in the rain, so there is stuff movin outside again.

There were birdies up in the tree...

A skwirrel onna ground... Notice that LC is there inna background.  Alla us in 1 photo!

But it was startin ta get dark, so The Big Thing closed the curtain.  So I decided ta stay and nap wif Ayla.  TBT was real surprised.  It WAS a bit awkward trying ta find enough space.

But I managed to not only settle down, but actally napped!

LC was happy in her favrit spot (where we hardly ever bother her).