Monday, December 28, 2009

The Puter Again!

We figured out the fan is thinkin its too hot, so it is on "full power".  Its the same thing what happened last Summer, but we fergot.  The Big Thing pulled out the previous repair ticket:  "Ran ASD 3S123 - fails on CPU A Temp Sensor."  There was a buncha words about "thermal grease" and "heat sinks", but we haf no idea about that stuff.  Just that they better fix it right this time.  The Big Thing is NOT happy about havin ta make two 60 mile round trips to get it fixed!

TBT is threatenin ta make us come along fer the ride, since we use the puter more than he does.  Thats not fair, is it?  Keepin house stuff werkin is sposed ta be HIS problem.  We just live here.

[The Big Thing:  I want some company on this annoying trip.  Draw straws.  Or play Queen of the Kitty Condo.  Loser comes with me.]

You want company?  How about pitiful cries alternated with yowling fer the whole trip?  Ya look forward ta THAT?  Ya can hardly stand the 10 minnit drive ta the VET!  And the loser will be Ayla an shes in heat.  THAT will be a joyful trip...

[TBT:  I hate it when you guys win like that.  OK, you stay home, I'll drive alone.  But tonight when I have real chicken for dinner, you guys aren't getting a scrap.  NYAH!]

Thats better than bein in a PTU fer 2 hours...  We'll be nappin on the waterbed while you are drivin ferever.  Don't wake us up when ya get home...

Anyway, kitties, we are gonna be offline fer a few days.  TBT tried ta hook up the old PC, but it cant talk "internet" annymore.  So we can't visit or even read email til the Mac is back (we are guessin at Thursday).  But we are leavin a couple posts scheduled fer while we are away.

See ya then...