Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Iza Floof Tail

IZA:  I sure went all floofy lately!  I got reasons...  Ayla is in heat an that is confoosin me, cuz she doesnt play all normal.  An LC has started whappin back when I pounce her.

So I been learnin how ta floof my tail properly.

I know, I know, I gotta short little tail.  But I keep it high cuz Im a proud happy kitty...   That counts, right?

[UPDATE]  THE BIG THING:  The computer is back home, but not repaired.  The computer works, but the fan is on high speed most of the time, the noise is annoying and it may indicate other problems that could be serious.  The repair store technicians refused to work on it because it smelled of cigarette smoke!  Well, I do smoke (planning to stop New Year's Day).  But now I have to try to find a repair store that will clean it thoroughly and then repair the fan problem.  So we could be online or off at any time for a week or so...