Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Hidey Hole

AYLA:  I love my hidey hole unner the cabinet.  Its snug (just big enough fer me ta crawl in).

Its warm cuz there is a floor vent in there.  Warm in Winter, but cool in Summer.  The vent is really clever about that.

I keep a few toys ta play with in there, too!

But eventually, I hafta come out.

Iza is usually there ta greet me.  She is zealous cauz she can't get in there annymore even though I am twicet her age!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Widebody Pics

IZA:  Why am I always the one used fer "widebody" pics?  Its not fair!


Oh wait, its cuz I'm kinna wide, isn't it?

Well, compared ta Ayla, efrybodies wide...

[AYLA: aktally, compared ta you, evrybodies skinny!  Even Fat Eric]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Got Out Again

AYLA:  I begged and begged lots and promised not to stay out very long, and it was SO nice outside, he finally let me go out at Noon yesterday.  Bwa-Ha-Ha!!!

I immediately ran over the fence, YAY!

I din't come back until 10:30 at night.

The Big Thing seemed oddly upset, and even Iza whapped me after I was safely in and had eaten some.  So, mebbe that might not have been a wise decision to stay out... TBT said someting about "when pigs fly"...

Today we watched from the windows as TBT buried LC in her Special Spot.  It was good for us, but we are only postin that elsewhere in case it bothers some visitors.  It is HERE iffen ya wanna see it. An don't iffen ya dont wanna see it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Blog Addy

We hope.   If it doesn't work, tell us fast...

LC Pictures

I gathered pictures of LC from the computer and from old photo albums.

On her 3rd day, she came out from hiding and played with a toy.  That toy was always one of her favorites.

She did a lost of house-exploring those first weeks.

She loved her big brother right from the start.

 They napped together constantly.


 Really constantly...


 They also played together intensely, but gently and with friendship!

She loved being outside by her small pond.


She loved her Gizzy quilt, too...


And she sends grateful purrs to all her friends.  "See you all again someday, but not very soon, I hope".

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Gotcha Day

AYLA and IZA: Well yesterday was our Gotcha Day!  We are not cellybratin much this time cause of LC goin ofer the Bridge jus a few days ago.  It dint seem right.  But we will haf lots of others, so its alright.  We are both pretty sad cause LC was OK an all, and if she got a little whappy sometimes, we know it was cause she missed Skeeter so much and wasn't feelin real good fer other reasons.

We did get duck fer dinner an that was cool.  An some new rattley mice showed up.  Well, we're young, we're Meezers, we GOTTA run around an chase toys!

But we miss LC, too, so we will stay close on The Big Thing tonite and spread purrs all ofer him.  An we will be spreading YOUR purrs ofer him too.  You all sent so many, it will take us many nites.

An thank ya all for so MANY words of comfort.  It means a lot ta him.  An us, too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

LC - A Summary Of Her Life


Her name was LC.  She came to me in October 1993 and left in January 2010.

Her name came from her black/white markings.  Her markings gave her a strong resemblance to a cow and I finally thought of Elsie from Borden's.  From "Elsie", came the letters "LC", which in turn stood for "Little Cow" (and "Lucky Cat").

She was lucky, though it might not have seemed like it at first. The 3rd evening, I discovered her eyelids were sealed shut from dried "eye stuff" every time she slept.  She was bumping into furniture and finding her food by smell.  The poor little thing was going around blind until I got home and dabbed her eyelids clean with water.  Fortunately, her initial vet exam was already scheduled for the next morning.

The vet decided that the eye infection was probably due to the serious ear mite infestation I had not known about (she was still in hiding mode).  AND, she turned out to have worms!

Doesn’t sound very lucky.  But the vet said I should return her to the pet store because of the health issues.  She would surely have been immediately euthanized.  The vet receptionist was the person who named her “Lucky Cat” after that because of her initials and because I decided to keep her.

She was lucky in other ways, too.  Skeeter was friendly and protective of her from the first and let her sleep with him.  They played together constantly.  I had gotten LC to be a companion to Skeeter while I was gone all day and it worked out perfectly. Their time alone together bonded them.  And fortunately, Skeeter was then big enough (at 18 months) to protect LC from mean old Tinkerbelle.

You see, Skeeter was MY cat; LC was Skeeter’s cat.  I never ignored her, of course.  But I made sure that LC became oriented mostly toward Skeeter.

Under Skeeter’s watchful eye, LC learned to hunt mice and explore the big back yard.  It was mean old Tinkerbelle who showed LC how to get up over the fence (and I sure wish she hadn't).  Hunting frogs was something LC learned on her own.

LC never did do anything especially cute or funny or unusual.  She was “just” a plain old steady cat.  While Skeeter could jump unusually high to snag birds and suddenly leap into a pile of honeysuckle vines from a sleeping position to emerge instantly with a mole or young rabbit, LC was a very deliberate business-like huntress. 

While Skeeter enjoyed his food with impressive enthusiasm, LC ate slowly and only as much as she needed. Where Iza insists on trying to “cover up” uneaten food, LC just ignored any.  Iza simply must run up to the top of the kitty condo every morning when I open the drapes; LC stopped using the kitty condo almost entirely after Ayla arrived and started napping there.

I suppose the only odd thing about LC was that the only treat in the world she liked was regular Hill’s Science Diet for Seniors dry kibble.  And only when dry.  If she dropped a piece out of her mouth, she wouldn’t touch it again.

The only thing close to an odd habit was that she used to sit on the bath mat guarding me when I took my showers.  She would always be there staring out the open door. 

Oh, and there was the bubbler water bowl…  From the first day she discovered the bubbles inside as the reservoir refilled the bowl, she was determined to catch them.  She even figured out how to cause that.  She began shoveling water out of the bowl to make the bubbles appear.  She never did catch one, of course, but she was a very determined huntress.  I had to dedicate the walk-in shower stall to the water bowls so that the splashed out water could drain away.

LC’s most dangerous moment came when she discovered that ice is not always safe to walk on.  She had learned that she could walk out onto the pond and look down into the water.  One time the ice broke under her and she fell in.  Fortunately, I was watching her at the time and ran to get her out.  She was unable to get out on her own.  She never walked on ice again.

LC had a long, extremely healthy life.  Until the thyroid problem developed and she required twice-daily meds in the last year of her life, she only had to take the dreaded “pink stuff” a couple of times.  Her only injury was when she somehow peeled the skin back over one eye on something sharp in the house.

She took Skeeter’s loss 13 months ago very hard.  Even in their older years, they were always close, indoors and out.  She became a bit withdrawn (though she was friendly to Ayla).  At about the same time, she finally became unable to climb the fence.

Her last few months, she began to seek more attention from me.  She always did like being stroked and scratched, as long as she was safely on the floor and could leave.  She would even give me head-bumps and would reach out a paw an tap my leg.  But I started to pick her up more often and hold her on my lap gently and she would stay longer and longer.

On her last night, she hopped up on her own for the first time ever (I think) and stayed there for a long half hour. She seemed fully alert and comfortable that last night.

I will be trying to gather some special pictures of her over the next few days.  Ayla and Iza tell me they want to say a few words themselves about LC soon, too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sad News

THE BIG THING:  I am sad to say that an era has ended.  LC has joined Skeeter over the Bridge.  Skeeter joined me in 1992, LC the year after.  Together, they were a major part of my life for 17 years.  I hardly know how to imagine their absence.  While LC was still here, so was Skeeter in a way.  Now she has gone too.

LC died peacefully at the vet place of a sudden kidney infection after some apparent confusion last night.  The details are HERE if you want to know the details and can tolerate pictures.

LC had been fading for many months due to thyroid problems (for which she had to accept oral meds twice per day and hated it).

I miss her so much.  This past year since Skeeter left, she became slowly more willing to be held on my lap for a few minutes.  Last night, she stayed there for almost 30 minutes and I was thrilled.  She even purred, and that has been a rare event this past 13 months.  I know it was only because she missed Skeeter so much, but I was so thrilled each time she was willing to lap-nap with me.

Last night, she voluntarily hopped on my lap.  I should have known something was wrong. She was saying goodbye and I didn't realize it.

I am sure that she would have wanted to convey her "goodbye-until-we-meet-again" to all of you, her dear friends, but she was caught off-guard herself, so I have to do it myself.  So, on her behalf, I will say "thanks for all the nice awardies, secret paw gifts, comments, and love.  See you over the Bridge someday - LC".

Ayla, Iza, and I will be taking a few days away from blogging while we mourn our absent auntie cat LC...

Farewell dear friend...

Skeeter Is Talkin Ta Me

LC: No really, I been hearing Skeeter in my head again lately. He says it is time ta join him over the Bridge. He says I can decide the time an there is no rush, but I should start thinkin about it.

Hes got a good point. I'm so tired these days. Going out onna deck is about all I can do. Some days I see the birdies inna trees, but some days I see the Bridge. Skeeter tells me it wont be too much longer. I hardly even wanna get ta the litterbox these days. I do, cause I've always been a clean kitty, but its gettin harder.

The Big Thing says it is OK, cause he knows how difficult the thyroid thing is makin my life   He knows I hate the oral meds twicet a day, an he hates making me take them, but he says he will do that as long as I want him to, and gladly.  I appreciate that.  I do like ta sit on his lap more often the past year, cuz the strokin an scritchin feels good.  Attention is allus good!

But still, I feel so strange these days.  I'm so uncomfortable alla time an I dont sleep well.  Not much appetite either.  Stinky Goodness just doesnt smell as good as it used to, ya know?  TBT comes lookin for me at meal times an hasta put the bowl unner my nose afore I notice its food.  Ayla an Iza tell me theirs tastes an smells great, so it must be me.

When I do sleep, I dream of wide green meadows full of frogs and mousies.  And being 2 years old again.  And nappin with Skeeter like I did for so many years.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I'm In Serious Trubble!

AYLA:  The Big Thing is very upset wif me.  He says I just became an indoor kitty!

Well, I knew he was unhappy wif my gettin over the big fence and wanderin aroun fer hours and not comin back when called lots.  But I relly made it all wrong Monday.  Ya see, he hadda bring the puter ta be repaired and leave at Noon.  But it was only 9 am an it was cold out so he figured I wouldn't stay out long.  He called at 11 am, and every few minnuts after.  I heard him OK an he could see me outside the fence but I wouldnt come back in.  He even pushed leavin later than he wanned to.

He finally had ta leave.  He says that made him miss his appointment, which meant he hadda wait fer a whole extra hour just ta drop off the puter and drive home.  He's used ta that kinna stuff, so he wasnt real upset.  But when he got home, I still wouldn't come in an he was getting real worried cause of the cold.  I'd been out 6 hours!

Then one time he called an he heard me call behind him.  He looked around and dint see me, cause I was up on the roof!  Then I came runnn to the roof edge cause I wanned ta come IN.  It was cold an windy up there an I couldnt get down!

How did I get up there?  Well, Im not tellin in case he figures out how ta stop me...  He figures I either jumped 6 whole feet up from the deck rails ta the roof or I climbed the huge tree and either jumped or fell from the big branch over the roof 20 feet above.  But Im not sayin which.  Let him figure it out.

But Im gettin ahead of the story...

So there I was at the edge of the roof by the deck with him askin me ta jump down.  UH-UH, that looked too far and hard.  So he ran an got the stepladder and set it up.  It reached right to the gutter, but I ran back to the chimbly ta keep out of the wind.  I cried at him efrytime he called my name, but I dint wanna come to the ladder.

He was annoyed cause I run up an down the stepladder in the basement fer fun.  So he also put up the big xtention ladder cause I go up an down that too.  Ya may remember me doin that when I was younger.

I think I may have been gettin the woozies from the cold.  It was about 20 degrees and the wind was blowin hard.  So TBT climbed up the ladder ta the roof.  He doesn't like heights like I do.  In fact, it took him a few minnits to get off the ladder onto the roof.  Then he crept toward me callin my name.  That was actally fun.  Until he grabbed me, that is.  He was faster than anny snake!  I grabbed him back with all claws right inta him.

I even got a claw inta his nose an made it bleed bad.  But he wasn't lettin go of me and I wasn't lettin go of him.  He shuffled carefully down ta the stepladder I like ta run up an down in the basement, but I wasn't having annything ta do wif THAT!

I wouldn't go down.  I grabbed the roof, the gutter, the stepladder and TBT wif every claw I had.  He  cried and begged but I wasnt goin!  Then he held me inside his light jacket in the wind an the cold hopin I would calm down.  I refused!  He was about ta drop me down onna deck, but he shuffled over ta the xtension ladder I used so easily in 2008.  He may as well tried ta push a pig down a baftub drain...

I've done it before all easily and liked it.  But not THIS time!

He sat there tryin desperately to figure out how ta get onna ladder holding me, but he couldnt.  He was getting woozy from the heights and feelin sick.  He finally forced me down a step atta time  while guardin the roof so I couldn't get back up.  I finally went down awkwardly one step atta time.  Me, awkward?  He followed.

Ya know what I did when I got onna ground?  Do ya?


I ran off over the fence!  I stayed away fer 4 more hours (an it was after dark then) in spite of him callin me efry 10 minutes the whole time.

I finally decided it was too nasty outside an came in.  I ran to eat some food (which was happily offerred), then I went an curled up on his lap.  That's when he told me the bad news...

I am an indoor kitty now.  In fact, we are all pretty much indoor kitties now.  LC doesnt wanna go out much annymore, an Iza has nefer really liked outdoors much.  5 minnits out on the deck fer her an she is ready ta come in.  But TBT says that they are allowed out cause they dont wanna be out much, while I am not allowed out cause I like it too much.  An he says specially that he aint goin up on that roof again.

He says he is real sad cause he likes havin kitties outdoors wif him like in gardening weather.  Mebbe he will relent when the whether gets nice again an it is safe to be out all day, but he seems pretty woorried and upset about me right now.

I guess I really made some mistakes Monday!

Friday, January 08, 2010

We're Back

THE BIG THING:  At least the computer is working "temporarily"...

The computer was not repaired.  It works, but the fan is on high speed constantly and I fear the whole thing will die completely at any moment.

The problem is that I smoke.  I did not realize the damage that was causing to the computer.  I did a search on "Macs and cigarette smoke" and learned WHY it was such a problem.  Apple techs will not work on smoke-affected computers by official Apple policy.  Reading about the problem, I don't terribly blame them.  The details of the sad adventure are HERE

So, I have ordered a Mac Mini to replace the Mac Pro (which was WAY more computer than I needed).  It has a 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB memory, a 2.5 mhz chip, etc.  I have the entire Mac Pro hard drive backed up on an external drive, so I shouldn't be losing any files, apps, or emails.

And I won't smoke after it arrives.  This may all actually work out for the best.

I turn this back over to the cats tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ayla inna Box

Ayla:  I love bein in boxes.  I love watching the fishies up close.  I got ta do both a few days ago!

Me inna box:

Me inna box onna box:

Me inna box onna box onna box!

Wow!  That was so much fun...

An ya see Iza's head at the bottom of the last picture?  She is SO JEALOUS!  Cuz she knows I can just float up into the empty boxes an not disturb them at all.  But if SHE tried it they would all crash down inna mess wif her fallin down the stairs (right nexta the boxes).  MOL!!!

[The Big Thing:  Ayla, don't forget that you are the one who killed the lava lamp]

That WASNT my fault!  YOU left the top of the toy box open, so when I jumped over ya ta land on the top, it wasn't where it was sposed ta be and it all crashed over.  NOT my fault!  Hmpff!

Asides, we TOLE ya, ya can get a new one...

Monday, January 04, 2010

Puter Repairs

Well, The Big Thing kept puttin it off, cuz it does werk nd there were s many dys when it won't be werked on at the repair store.  But today it is goin!  He finally found a path what he can follow to the store (there are Cod-Awful direct directions on confoosin weerd highway ramps).  He knows that area, an he allus gets totally lost there.  So he is sneakin up on it from below where the directions are easier, use small streets,  an he can stop where he needs to look at the map.

He is taking the puter away NOW, an he guesses it will be Wed or Thurs afore we get it back.

See ya then.

Meanwhile, we will be nappin...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thankful For...

We are thankful for:

1.  A New Year
2.  We are all healthy.
3.  We are all happy.
4.  Remembering the cats-who-came-before.
5.  Toys.
6.  Treats.
7.  Stinky Goodness.
8.  Bits of real Bein food meats (ham, chicken, shrimp, cow.
9.  Going outside safely cuz of the Big Fence.
10. Clean litterboxes.
11, Cat-blog friends.
12. The warmed waterbed ta sleep on.
13. The Big Thing.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

From all of Us!

We here all hope that 2010, the last year of the decade, leads us out of the decade on a high note!  It has been a sad decade for too many so far, so a good end of it would be nice...

We don't neen to describe the decade.  We have all had PROBLEMS, and we have learned that too many kitties get lost or go over the Bridge every year.  We miss them all.  The sadness and loss won't end in 2010, but we have come to accept it.  We have learned to cherish our siblings and friends while they are here, and to remember them with love after they go.  We know that we ourselves will go over the Bridge one day to be reunited with our friend cats-who-came-before while we await our Beings to join us.

But today starts a New Year, and we look forward to it.  Winter will melt into Soring and there wil be mousies to hunt, days spent nappin on the deck, Stinky Goodness fer dinner, treats to enjoy, toys ta play with, and a Bein ta sleep on at night. 

May 2010 bring you only good things, happiness, and joy of life...

LC, Ayla, and Iza