Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

UPDATE!  We almost missed Squillions Day!  We want to acknowledge our very good (but not very active) friend Lightpaw Laplander!

 We love his calm presence.  And he doesn't go eatin our foods or steal our good sunpuddles either!

Good old Lightpaw, a perfect housemate!

Friday, February 26, 2010

A New Cat Olympic Medal!

AYLA:  Well, I am just stunned!  I got a Gold in the StrongCat competition! 


And I am such a small kitty!  Wow! Iza is a big strong kitty yet she couldn't find  good picture fir the event,  She is SOOO Jealous!

I got this for pushin over the ottoman AND the lava lamp at the same time in one great effort,  The Big Thing says it had ta be about 25 pounds! The Lava Lamp made a WUNNERFUL crash when it broke down the stairs.  And what a MESS it made.  I was so proud.  The Big Thing wasn't all that thrilled, cuz that Lava Lamp innards were hard ta clean up.  But that's his problem.

Even Iza hasnt done THAT yet...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hanging Plant Pot Mystery Whisker

THE BIG THING:  I mentioned saving kitty whiskers last week.  Well, I got a surprise today!  Not a whole bunch of whiskers, just one in a strange place...

I have a few hanging plant pots around.  Most happen to be in places where you would not even think a cat could get at.  I mean, as in "if there were squirrels in the house, I would not worry about them getting to the pots".

So imagine my surprise at going to water one and spying a very definite kitty whisker on the soil surface!  I can't get a good picture of the whisker on the soil surface, but trust me it was there.

Here is the hanging pot.

It had to be one of Ayla's whiskers.  Not because of the length.  While Ayla's whiskers are mostly long and Iza's are always short, this one was short and Ayla does have some short whiskers too.  But mainly, Iza could not possibly have gotten up there.  I'm not sure how Ayla did, either, but she seems to levitate sometimes (there is that lingering question of how she managed to get up on the roof last month).

The cats constantly amaze me.  I'm probably going to find a whisker stuck to a ceiling cobweb some day...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cat Olympics Awards

AYLA:  I am blushing!  I won a Gold Medal for Extreme Climbing in both the Indoor and the Outdoor CATegories...

I got the outdoor one for this (I think)...

A cat cant get much higher than THAT!  Though I DID get a few feet higher by sittin on the chimbly top...

The indoor ones were legion.  I sit up as high as is CATerly possible most of the time.  I climb the stepladders leanin against the wall, but I really like this one place up over the drill press (cant find the picture though)!

And then there is the indoor ladder!  I love that.  I can reach up and touch the ceiling there...

I love ta sit on top of the tall ladder.  That takes some clambering, but I manage.  From either of those spots, I can see outside, inna basement, and any mousies that dare come inside!

So I got these way cool awards!

Are those cool or what?  MOL!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

More Snow Birdies; Kitty TV

AYLA:  With the snow refusin ta go away, and The Big Thing not wantin ta go out in the 2' of snow still sittin on the ground ta check the birdie feeder, he been putting seed out in trays on the snow ta make sure the birdies are fed.  One tray in unner the deck where it is clear of snow, one is just beyond the patio where he can reach, an one is on the top of the snow on the deck where we can see real good sittin on the Otto Man (which he kindly dragged over to the deck door - inside of course).

So we get ta see the birdies up closer than usual.  So long as we don't move, the birdies don't mind.  And the pretty cardinals have finally found it.  They were nervus at first cuz it bein so close to the house, but they were hungry...

The little birdies got at the seeds right away.  We dont know if they is stupider, or braver, or hungrier, but they came to the tray the first minute it was out.  But the big cardinals waited.

The snow on the deck is still 2' deep, but it slopes down to the house real fast .  So there is just space ta walk outside.  So I am really frustrated fer TWO reasons.

First, Iza can go out but I cant.  What, The Big Thing thinks Im gonna run off in 2 feet of snow?

[TBT:  Yes, because you can levitate] 

Thanks...  Second, because she sits out in the clear space, then suddenly sits up to see where they are and they all fly away!  At least she could try a random pounce.  She wouldnt catch one, but she would land in snow deeper than she is.  They would be amusin!  Well, Im stuck inside, I need some laffs...

Oh well, a coupla more birdie pictures.  This is what we are seeing from inside.  ITS MADDENNING



One little black an white birdie came right down onto the clear area near the door and hopped all around.  Not TWO INCHES from me.  Fer a COUPLE of MINUTES.  I chittered so much my mouf still hurts  I think he knew I couldnt get at him...  Ive noted his markings VERY carefully.  When the snow melts and I can wheedle my way outside again, Im gonna find him...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Cat Olympics - Extreme Climbing

AYLA:  This is my favrit event!  I haf climbed VERY high...



It isn't just ladders though.  I get high up ion trees too!

See that branch at the top?  I got up above there.

An above that is a higher branch.   I got up there too!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Cat Olympics - Outside Litterbox Event

Well, we were a day late with our Snow Poops pictures for the official event at Sumac Stories, so we are showing our entries here.

We haven't been out much this month (Ayla none at all) and Iza won't go out on snow at all, so we been doin our "business" inside.  But we saw an Introoder Kitty stop on OUR snow an do his business right there!  We were real annoyed. But when The Big Thing went out ta look at the spot (ta confirm what we feared), he realized that the several other odd shapes in the snow were cat-business too...

So he took pictures.  He found 3 different spots where some Introoder Kitty had "covered up". 

First, a pee spot ..

A well-covered spot for "something".
The outstandingly obvious...
The get-away tracks...

We have noted his markings and will pay him back for this insult to our nice clean snow and yard someday.  But we do haf ta admit that he is a champion pee&pooper on snow!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inna Tunnel

AYLA:  Sometimes I like ta hide from Iza.  This Kitty Condo tunnel is a good spot.  If she sees me in here, she is sure to attack straight in.  An I can go right up through the top and hop over her back!  HA HA!

Its really quite comfortable.  An Iza is cautious when I am in an enclosed area.  All she gets is claws that way!

Well I DO hafta protect myself...  And it IS fun confusin Iza.  She charges at me an then Im atop a table or on the bookshelfs or up a stepladder inna basement.  Silly girl... 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saved Whiskers

THE BIG THING:  A couple of years ago, I started saving kitty whiskers.  That may seem odd (Am I one of the few?).  I got the idea from The Aged Cat blog (sadly, no longer active).  The person there kept her cat's whiskers in a beautiful little green bottle.  I started immediately.  Sadly, I have no such lovely little bottle, but I should look around...

But here is the bud vase I use for now.

And here are the whiskers.

It is amazing how good I've gotten at spying shed whiskers since then!

When I think of how many kitty whiskers I have vacuumed up in my life, I really wish I had thought of this myself or seen the idea sooner...

Monday, February 15, 2010

An Awardie!

Karen Jo and Herman gave us an awardie several weeks ago, but with the puter troubles an the snow and all, we are just catchin up.

Its a real nice one!


Thank you so much, both of you!
We know we are sposed to name 10 blogs we love and mention specific posts from each, but that is REALLY hard an we are tired.  We might give that a try in a few days, but we think ALL kitty bloggers write such good posts that they ALL deserve it...

Friday, February 12, 2010

More Snow!

IZA:  We got MORE SNOW Wendsday!  We are all totally sick of it.  The old snow had hardly begun ta disappear and now there is more of it.  And this time our lectricity went off fer an hour!

[TBT:  A trivial matter compared to those who lost power for days, but we have underground cables here, so it was quite a surprise.  And there was the whole hour of worrying that it MIGHT be days...]

The old snow had melted some, so I was able ta get out a bit on some high stuff.

That stuff looks too deep ta walk through an too soft ta walk ON.
I saw another clear spot further out, so I went there ta look at the birdies.
So, where do I go now?

Back inside, I guess.  That deck rail looks slippery.

After the new snow stopped, the part nearest the house melted a bit, so I decided ta try that direction...  But as soon as I got part down the stairs, it got thick again,  So I came back up.

Then my paws were gettin real cold, so I headed fer the door.
It was time fer some crunchies anna trip ta the litterbox!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Possuum Kitty Again!

IZA:  O wow, the possum kitty came by again!  I love watchin it.  It comes so close to the door.  I can almost touch it!

Yes, that s the possum kity.  And yes that's  TBT's  dinner.  Salad (home grown lettuce), BBQ pork in spaghetti, and there were fried mushrooms in that other bowl).  

The wine is somethin called Zin Fendal.  I smelt it once, it was horrible.   All acidy and fruity...

Here ya see a good look at it.  It runs whenever I look at it.  It better!  Kitty or not, it is annoyin!

I begged TBT ta let me out, but he wouldn't.  I just know I would chase that thing right out of our yard.  He doesn't think so, but I am young an strong, an fearless.

Well, he seen how I attack mousies fearlessly, so he ought ta know that I will attack big possum-kitties the same way.  I don't want then on MY deck!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Hummingbirds on TV

IZA:    Cool, we saw birdies on the TV!  We like watchin birdies a lot, but this time wee saw them inside the house!

I really liked watchin those hummerbirdies!  And no, that isn't photoshopped, I really was there watchin...

I LOVE Nature TV...

Saturday, February 06, 2010


AYLA:  WOW, have we gotta lot of SNOW!  Its awful.  It even worse that what we got last month, and that was real bad.

We can hardly see annythin lookin out the big deck door.  The snow is so high there (high as me if I stretch up the door) that all we can see from the floor is tree tops.  But its worth staying there some, cause the birdies keep hoppin around real near the door cuz the snow is shallow there.  At least its somethin to look at.

I'm luckier than Iza, though.  I can jump up to the high bafroom windersill!  Its not easy cause it is high an there is a towel rack in the way.  An the tile floor is a bit hard when I jump down.  So The Big Thing helped me some.  He put a telephone stand right unner the window and now I can go up an down in 2 easy hops.  But Iza cant even manage that.  TBT lifted her up there once and she looked at all the birdies at the feeder, but she dint like bein up that high yet dint wanna jump down.  So she cried a little and he lifted her back down.

It IS nice watchin all the feeder birdies, though.  We got a lot of them (birdies, not feeders).

Its good that TBT filled both the feeders when the snow started yesserday.  One is sunflower seeds for the cardinals and other large birdies.  The other is thistle seeds for the little birdies.  It hangs from the roof next ta the house.  Unfortunately, its hard ta take a picture of that one.  The birdies all fly away when the deck door is opened.

But there sure are a LOT of the bigger birdies.  I'm glad he put out seeds fer the.  Not so much that they have food, but that gives me something ta look at. 

Well, I suppose it is good that he feeds them, annyway.  That way, they will still be here ta watch (and mebbe catch) in the Spring when I hope ta get outside again.

And the snow is STILL fallin real hard!  Sometimes I can hardly even see the birdies at all...

TBT did help Iza some.  He put the Otto Man next ta the deck door.  She can just see the feeder itself from there, so she is able ta see the birdies there but not the ones onna ground.

TBT is postin more pics on his own blog.  He says the snow pics are more about the outside yard than us.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Iza's Mouse Skins

IZA:  I skin toy mousies pretty fast.  But I dint knoe The Big Thin kept them.

So today, he put a bowl of them on the floor.  Now, we allus run ta anny bowl he puts onna floor.  It might be food.  Or toys. 

But we were amazed that it was all dead mousie toys.


We were both amazed!  It was a whole bowl of skint mousies an toy mousie bodies!  Who knew they came that way?   And he been SAVIN them!
We asked The Big Thing iffen he could make them good toy mousies again.  He said he will try.   That means he WILL.  We think...

He does mazin stuff, sometimes.  But sometimes his ideas werk and sometimes not.  So we nefer know until we see it.  But he says we been playin with "fixed" mousies afore, so we guess he can do it again.  All we care abour is if there are mousies ta play wif...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


THE BIG THING: We are back, barely.  Still having some puter problems.  We are typing while the puter fan is noisy and threatening to fail at any time.  We have received the replacement keyboard, so we can at least type again, but we can't get at old pictures.  Fortunately, those are saved on the external hard drive.

When the Apple monitor cable adapter arrives (should have arrived USPS days ago), we will be able to transfer the external hard drive files to the new Apple Mini.  But until when we are limited.

It has been a really annoying 60 days.  We like Apple puters, but we have had a really hard time of it.  Unlike PC hardware, Apple stuff is not available in every big box store!  ARGGH!  The nearest Apple store to us is 45 minutes away, one-way.  And they are so busy, it is a 2 hour visit JUST to drop the puter off for an evaluation.  Apple repair stores are not very friendly.

In that time, we have had the fan problems, 2 visits to Apple repair stores, an order for a new keyboard, an order for the new MacMini, and an order for a new mouse.  In between, we had to try to figure out some other hardware problems with a puter that was barely functioning.

So, we apologize for being absent for several weeks.  We hated that and it was driving us crazy.  We still aren't totally working again, but can function with the new keyboard.

The good news is that we have been taking lots of pictures and have a lot of good stories to relate about the weeks we have been absent.

We will have fun catching up on events...


Oh, the "Nightmares" part?  I had a terrible dream where Ayla's brain was a slide-out plastic frame with a puter chip.  And I lost it in the house. And she was just a wiggly thing trying to very slowly crawl away like a worm.  I searched everywhere but it was in a house I never lived in.  

I was SO relieved when I woke up and realized it was just a dream.  I then I went back asleep and repeated the dream.  It was worse the 2nd time around because this time I thought I was awake and it was real!