Tuesday, March 30, 2010


IZA:  Oh wow, whatta great day!  I got 2 moles!  TWO!

Now, admit it, can I catch mousies or WHAT!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

We decided that there been plenty of pictures of us on Sundays lately,  so mebbe a nice picture of Skeeter and LC for old time sakes...

He groomed LC a lot cuz she was always outside an roughin up her furs.  It would be nice ta haf a Brother like that.

We wernt there, but those looks like good times fer them...  Both of them happy indoors, sittin in the mornin sun together...  Wish we could be like that...  *sigh*

[Iza:  I nefer met Skeeter, but he seems like such a nice cat.  LC talked ta me a lot in her last year about how good he was ta her.  Wow!]

Hey, The Big Thing, we want a brother like that...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crocusy Flowers

Ayla:  Oh great!  My turn ta post an I gotta show flowers!


Well, they ARE nice...

And they ARE fun ta prance through (and I IS the Prancing Queen)...

These are my favrits!  Ive seen this bunch both years of my life, an The Big Thing says these bunch have been there since Skeeter was sniffin them years ago!  Thats a nice memory.

I like this one too.  See the honeybee?  We hear they are in trubble in lots of places, but we have them here.  Ive been warned not ta grab them because they are valuble AND they can hurt me.

So mebbe it wasnt so bad reportin on the flowers...

Ill do more about ME next time.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Good Adventure Outside

IZA:  I get ta go outside iffen I want.  Which is not that often...  But I went outside with The Big Thing just ta be near him.

[Ayla:  Iza is a Daddy's girl.  Kissie kissie]

Hey!  Write yer own posts "Miss twitchy tail I wanna Mancat"!  This ones mine!

So I was out with TBT an he was doing his outside stuff.

I checked fer mousies by the carpet around the tree.

I even pawed up some of it cuz I could smell them there!

Then I rested on some warm rocks.

I nodded off in the shaded but warm spot.  That was SO NICE!

TBT was pullin up weeds from just a few feet away, so it was good bein close ta him outside...  I dont like being far from him.  Makes me a little nervous, ya know?  Ayla is a wanderer; Im not.

Then he decided ta go in and called me ta follow.  I did.  I got some treats fer doin that...  Yum!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ring Toy!

IZA:  I love my ring toy!  I play wif the ball in it a LOT! 

Ayla does some too.

 But she doesnt love it like I do.

But we are sometimes BOTH innerested...  An that's fun cuz we can take turns an watch the other going at it!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mousies Unner Stove

IZA:  My rattley mousies often end up unner the stove.  Sometimes I can reach in REAL far an get them out, but sometimes I cant.  So I have ta ask The Big Thing ta to it.  Hes real good at that.

He uses a stick he made wif a hook ta get them out.  An if THAT doesnt werk, he pulls the whole DRAWER out and feels around the edges.  Sometimes there are 3 or 4 mousies in there!

Well I tried ta get them yesserday.

Then Ayla tried (an even pushed herself unner the drawer).  But we didnt get THAT picture.

Then I hadda ask fer help.

Can You get them out for me please?

He did...  And brought out 3 rattly mousies and a squiggle!  Bast, I love that Bein.  But dont tell him...  It wouldnt be catly, ya know?

Monday, March 22, 2010


Oh goodness, we are late postin about these!  We are embarassed...

But we are tryin ta catch up...

First, we got The Sunsgine Awardie from Karen Jo and Herman!

Thank you both!  It is SUCH a lovely awardie...

Then we got TWO contest awardses.  For St Patty's Day.  One was from Sharon G for "Best Spirit Of The Holiday.

And then, oh WOW, we got one from Brian too for the same holiday (but different picture)!

And THEN we were tagged with the "find your first photo folder, scroll down to the 10th photo, post that photo and tell the story behind it; you must then tag 5 other bloggers to play the game."  By Jacqueline's Cat House!  We are lookin into that, but our first folder is very old and jumbled so we have ta figure out exactly which IS the 10th photo first...  But thanks to all the Jacqueline's Cat House Kitties for it...

THEN:  We got the "You Rock" awardie from the Most Magnificent Wandering Cheysuli!

This is all so WUNNERFUL!  We can hardly belief all this good fortune. 

We are gonna be really puffed up and tails held high for weeks!  Maybe a whole Big Moon!TBT says he is gonna give us only dry kibble iffen we dont say "how very grateful we are about all the awardies and the very wunnerful beins an kitties who gived them to us"!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

Ayla:  Finally!  Restin in peace after a whole nother night of heat.  I just COLLAPSED!

I'm exhausteded...  Im just grateful it might only be a couple more days!  Until the next time...

Oh, I should mention that the nice red pillowcase Im on is on a folded up blankie ON a folded up comforter.  It doesnt GET much softer than that. 

An THAT is on a small dresser so I am up high where Iza cant bother me (she cant jump worth beans)...

An Im only a few feet away from the Felliway dispenser.  If only Iza would sniff that stuff, too, that would help.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Introoder Kitty

Ayla:  We got a new cat sneakin up on our deck at night.  Its my fault; Im in heat again.  Sigh...

Aktally, since Feb 26th, Ive only been out of it 4 days.  Drivin me crazy.  So I been callin fer the mancats, ya know, REAL loud (as a Meezer does).  Cant help it.

So a few days ago, this one really innerestin mancat came by and just sat on the deck waitin fer me ta come out.  Well I couldnt GET out.  The maddening part was that it is REALLY nice weather and the door is open just an inch.  An inch is like a mile in this case...

But at least we got some pictures of my "wanna-be" boyfriend:

He really IS a handsome mancat though, isn't he.   He makes me feel kinna ecited. 

But Iza is watchin me an that makes it a bit difficult.  Plus The Big Thing has this wood bar he made that only allows the deck door ta open a inch.  Even I cant get out of that. 

So they are ALL keepin me away from him.  ARGGGGHHHHH!  Iza is being all mom-protective, and The Big Thing is being actively against my desires. 

We DID manage ta kiss through the inch-open door once.  Sigh...  I even reached a paw through the door an TOUCHED him!  *MELTING*

Oh Romeo, Sweet Romeo...

But between Iza attacking the deck door where the mancat comes, and The Big Thing making sure I cant get out, our love will not be...  Weep, weep, weep...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Exploring The Breakfast Cabinet, Part 2

AYLA:  I caught Iza sneakin inta the cabinet where our Fancy Breakfast foods are kept.  I was SHOCKED!!!  Not that she dared try ta look in there, but that she was able ta do it...  Ive allus been able ta do that, of course, but I just never been caught at it. 

Still, (just to see how much Iza unnerstood of the secret cabinet-opening process) I quizzed her on the details of it (and took notes).  Oh wiat, no.  Not about the process; about Iza.  Yeah, about Iza.  I was taking secret notes about her, ummmm, "state of mind, thats it!  I was the InquisiCATator!  I needed ta know if Iza was a SPY!  I went right in as soon as Iza went out before the door closed.  Uh wait, I mean "before I had to bother to simply open it myself as I had done so many many times before..."  Yeah, thats it, "many times before"...


I checked inside thoroughly ta see what was there.  Um, I mean ta see that everything was where it was in the MANY times I had explored THOROUGHLY inside that cabinet...

It was amazing!  Uh, Right, like everything was where it allus was before in the many visits I made.   Right?  Im sure of it... 

 I hope Iza opens the door again soon so I can get in, I mean um, "check out her teckneek" so I can decide if she is, um, skilled enough to continue doing it.  Not that I cant get into anny of the cabinets iffen I want to.  I just prefer that Iza do it in case of like, um, booty traps or somethin.  Yeah, traps...

I think Ill take a nap...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exploring The Breakfast Cabinet, Part 1

IZA:  I learned how ta open a cabinet door today!!!  Of course, I was highly motivated ta learn how ta open THIS one, cuz thats where our breakfast are kept.

I had noticed thsat The Big Thing doesnt unlatch annything or turn knobs (like wif some doors), he just pulled onit from above...  So I tried that but couldnt get it open cuz I hadda lean onit to claw at it.  But then I tried the bottom while standin on the floor.  It werked!  Well, it takes a buncha tries, but I got in.

The Big Thing saw and was REAL surprised, but he dint get mad, he just ran ta get the camera.  He caught me pushin back out after I nosed aroun all inside of it...


Then the next time I pawed at it, he just opened it for me cuz he was tryin ta werk there an didnt want me botherin him.  So first, I admired the whole stash of breakfast food (Fancy Feast, whole boxes of it, chicken/turkey/duck/venison)...

Then I went an sniffed it.  That dint help much.  Its weerd that the insides taste so good but I cant smell it til TBT breaks it open.  I mean, I can smell birdies or mousies just fine before I open THEM.  Oh well...

I got a good look at what was behind the breakfasts.  Mostly stacks of paper bags,metal junk, and some smelly chemikals.   Yuck!  The bags are OK ta nap on but they ARE noisy...

Now I wonder what is in all the other cabinets?  I SEEN inside most of them, but I havent been able to really poke around in them.