Friday, April 30, 2010


IZA:  Fer both bein Meezers, we sure are differnt!  I feel so FAT sittin next ta Ayla sometimes...
She just "levitates" onto bookshelves, tree branches, windowsills etc, and she fits into tiny spaces with ease. 

The Big Thing says not ta worry about it.  He says "we all are what we are".  But HES not the one watching Ayla do things what I cant alla time.  And ya know, she tells me that at night.  An TBT thinks IM the mean one... 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garden Thursday

IZA:  The Big Thing was workin inna yard today, an I went out with him.  It drives Ayla crazy cuz she isnt allowed out, so I seldom miss an opportunity...

He took some low branches offa tree, shoveled dirt inta a box fer the tomatoes, and pulled some weeds.  Boring...  But after that, he went ta the old compost bin and asked me for some advice.  He was thinkin of moving it but wasnt sure it was worth the effort.  So I checked it out..

I climbed inta this hole in the front and looked inside, but by the time he had the camera on, I was lookin out...

Well gee, even I can tell the thing is fallin over, and TBT cant get at the good stuff in the bottom.  Besides, there are vines growin all over it...

Hmmm, I see a good spot fer a new one.  But he's gonna hafta move another framed bed.  Well, it needs work annyway, so why not?

When he saw where I was lookin, he agreed that was a great idea!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Losing Pens...

THE BIG THING:  It's always easy to find a pen around here.  All I have to do is just look on the floor around any table or countertop...  LOL!

It must be the shape of the pens that attracts attention...
My computer table pen.  Yes, I stash pens in all rooms of the house.  I keep at least one in my shirt pocket, too.  "Once an office worker, always an office worker". 
Iza is contemplating what to do with the pen.  She's batted it off the table and from the living room into the kitchen.  Now what?
Iza brought this one to the food bowl.  That's where most of her toys end up.  But she has trouble carrying the pen; it's slippery.

The pen "escaped" into Ayla's Hidey Hole.  And Iza doesn't want to try getting in there again!

I would bet there are more pens in the house than toy mice.  Ayla and Iza both love to bat them around (though I only hear Ayla doing it in the dark of night).  I am forever buying new ones as the old ones vanish.

Hmm, I wonder if there is a cat toy market for fake pens (perhaps filled with Nip)...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mousing (Birdying?)

IZA: This is my favrit hidey spot.  There are several mousie holes on the other side. 

But iffen ya look careful, ya see Im lookin the other way.  A birdie jus landed in the bushes, an Im considerin iffen I can pounce it.  Birdies are more fun than even mousies!  They flap around a lot when ya grab them.

Havin mousie holes unner the birdfeeder is SO COOL!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bookcase Fun

AYLA:  I have fun in the bookcases.  Lets see, where can I get to from here?  This shelf looks full.

Well, Ill go up behind THIS shelf then...

Yeah, I can fit behind these...

This looks cozy.  I think Ill stay here fer a while...

Iffen I need some space, I can allus jus push the books off.  An The Big Thing wonders why somma his books jump off the shelfs on their own...  MOL!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  We both love lap time.  I usually get most of it, but Ayla joins in too.  I dont like that.

But Ayla does get laptime too.  I wish she wouldnt, but The Big Thing favors her that way.

[Iza, you get most of my lap time and you know it!]

Um, well, yes,

This is my usual spot after dinner...

But I should get all of it.  I deserve it!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dresser Cave

IZA:  Well, these are a little silly, but we like ta crawl inta the dresser drawers and The Big Thing decided ta remove one for us ta explore.

It WAS kinna cool.  But there is no story involved, so we are just gonna show some pictures.  Or mebbe there IS a story an we just dont know what it is yet...

Do YOU see a story here?  Just coorious...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

 We dont wanna get real preachy, but if we use this planet up, we cant jus move down the street, ya know?

It used ta be that iffen ya fouled the stream, ya just moved upstream an efrythin was OK.  But what do ya do when ya get ta the top of the stream?

Ayla:  Ya gotta have a clean litterbox...

Iza:  Ya gotta have a clean water bowl...

The Big Thing:  You have to have a clean planet... A planet where the network of living things that support us, and exist in their own right, can not only survive, but thrive.  Where we understand that we are predators, but can stop short of killing off our food sources.  You don't have to be a vegan to understand that food is not limitless.  You don't have to be a genious to accept that there is a limit to the number of seats on the train.  That there is a limit on how much ancient energy we can take out before we have to use renewable energy sources.  That we have to advance beyond the easy energy sources we have depended on in the past.  That we have to pay the cost of energy sources that will last and not damage our world.  That we should recognize that the cost of alternate energy sources will EVENTUALLY be less than the old ones.  That it will benefit us to move to those new energy sources quickly.

Ayla:  That it is better ta pee in the woods than use the scoopable litterbox.

Iza:  That it is better ta have water clean enough ta drink from streams than ta filter it through machines.

The Big Thing:  That we use our brains to develop energy sources that are plentiful and renewed daily, like the Sun, and wind, and gravity.  And learn how to have fewer of us using that energy.  And to not waste what we have.  And to learn that technology is wonderful but that we sometimes use it wastefully but we can use it to reduce wasting resources...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Egg Carton Destruction

IZA:  I like chewy cardboards!  Paper towel tubes are good, toilet paper tubes are good, I bunnykick and gnaw on both.  Boxes are good too, I chew on those an like em perforated alla round the edges!

But nothin beats egg cartons!  OMB!  Thick but soft.  Eminently rippable!  Bunnykickable!  Ya can bat them, knock em done a stairs, or even carry them around!  Such perfection in a "found" toy...

It actally started many Big Moons ago...  I used ta watch The Big Thing drop the empty ones on the floor an then stomp them flat ta put inna recycling box.  Oh I envied watching him have fun doing that.  Then one day I realized I could have fun between the dropping and the recycling part!

So I waited  til he dropped another egg carton while I was there an told him I wanned ta play wif it a while first, an grabbed the carton.  He must not haf heard me, cause I almost got my paw stomped flat!  Sometimes hes not listenin, ya know?

But when he saw me playin wif the carton, he realized a new toy had been discovered, and he was pleased.  He let me tear it apart!  I got pretty good at it.

Heres some pictures of my egg carton fun...

Id show ya a picture of it torn ta shreds after I was COMPLETELY done with it, but it all turned into sucky machine food.  Ill try ta remind TBT ta take a picture of the remains next time...

UPDATE:  Here's the current shredding.  I got more ta chew apart, but I'm gettin there!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Fit In The Hidey Hole!

IZA:  I fit in Ayla's Hidey Hole!  Really!   She is so proud of her slim self gettin in an out of there.  So I decided ta do it myself.

Ill admit it wasnt easy...

Ayla just slips in an outta it, ya know?  But I hadda do it.  It took terrible squirmin to get inta it.  An I felt like I was inna really tight place once in.  But if Ayla does it, I wanna do it...

Oh Bast!  I could hardly breathe in there!  How does she do it?  She seems HAPPY in there!!!  She NAPS in there!

But I did get in an I did get out (barely).  I feel like a snake what ate too big a pig!  Argh, my backside doesn't wanna come out.  Pull, Pull, Pull... Arghhh...


Ahem, I think I lost some hip furs...

I'll just say that Ayla's hidey hole is just about "this" much smaller than I am.  An she can KEEP it from now on for all I care...  I sure arent tryin THAT again!

What was cruelest is that The Big Thing just watched me and LAFFED!  Well, at least Ayla wasnt watchin...

[AYLA:  Yes I was!]


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jan's Photo Contest Entry

Jan's Funny Farm is having a contest.  April 26 is National Kids and Pet Day, so they are looking for pictures of (appropriately) kids and pets.  Naturally, I don't have any pictures of myself as a kid with a pet.  So I went to the old style photo album and found one...
OK, now the story behind it...

[Photo removed due to objections by human subject]

The "kid" is my younger sister Susie at age 12 (She will probably kill me if she ever sees this).  But I was 18 at the time, so she was my "kid sister".  It was the 1960's (can't you tell by the couch?).  The kitty is our 2nd Siamese cat.  We had just gotten her.

Mom was in charge of cat names and decided on "Hai U Phin" which meant "Pretty Little Girl" in Hawaian or Thai.  I forget which because the previous cat's name (Kenani) meant the same thing IIRC in the other language. 

While the picture is of Susie, Hai U Phin (pronounced "HEY YOU" - Mom's joke) was the youngest child's darling.  Hai U was 3 when Jennifer came along and she (Jen) carried that poor cat all over the house.  Hai U mostly slept on Susie's bed, though, out of self-protection.  Little sisters do not go into Big Sister's bedrooms...

Hai U lived a long happy life in both Maryland and New Hampshire where she enjoyed hunting chipmunks and mice.  She died peacefully at about age 19.  She (and Kenani) is the reason I have always loved Siamese cats and was so happy to finally get Ayla and Iza later in my life.

By the way, as an interesting side note, see the nativity scene on the table?  Dad built that stable.  He shingled it with mahogany veneer on an "old board game".  An original 1935 Monopoly Board!  Wouldn't we love to have THAT back...

So this is my Kid and Pet entry. 

Question:  Dare I send Susie a link to this post?  Or is that tempting Fate too much?

Easy Like Sunday

Ayla:  One of my best places fer long sleepin!

Its a box of old Big Thing cloths, a whole foot of softy wonderfulness.  An Iza never seems ta know when I am in there...  That makes it easier ta sleep longer. 

Or it would, if TBT didnt know I was in there or stopped takin pictures...  On the other paw, he says that he'll get me a nicer lookin box and mebbe a pretty towel on top so I look nicer.  That would be nice.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Mows Gone?

THE BIG THING:  One of the high points of my pre-retirement days (before March 2006) was checking the online "The Mows" comic strip by Jay Dyke (and a couple other weird anime ones) and reading Max The PsychoKitty's blog.  Max and the "Not Ready For Prime Time" comic strips helped get me through the day. They were both weird and I needed "non-office weird" very much.  The office was killing me...

But what I want to say is that I had a friend who lost his dear cat of many years.  The cat was a hero.  He had been involved in many adventures around the farm.  I emailed Jay Dyke to ask him if he might mention "BD".  I knew it would mean so much to my friend.

Jay came through beyond my expectations!  I had hoped for a slight mention of BD as a side reference somewhere at best, but here is what he put online for all the world to know:

And every word was true!

I read in sadness the short series of posts when Tigey actually died.  I saw it coming, saw the loss, and felt the pain. We all feel the pain of losing a dear kittie friend.  Jan felt it no less than any of us.  We do it in words; he was able to do it in pictures.  I felt so sad, yet understanding, the way he lost Tigey.

If Jan has decided to stop, I understand.  But I will miss The Mows if he does.

I hope that he will continue his obvious love of cats by adopting a new one, a new subject to explore in art and words.   But if it is too difficult, I will understand. 

UPDATE:  It seems Jan has posted a new Mows this very day!  Maybe he is continuing.  He has a blog, It also seems he has some other cats now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Awardie!

AYLA:  Oh I am so happy!  Jonesie gave me this lovely award for my BLUE EYES...

I am sposed ta list something of me for each color (blue, pink, orange, green) and award it to 4 cats, about colors.

Hmm, that sounds tricky.  My blue eyes are already used up, theres nothing pink around the whole house, the only thing I know whats orange is oranges an I dont like those, an we got green grass, but its borin looking.  So I better think, Think, THINK!

Ooh, I gotta idea!   Gotta go take some picitures, be right back...


Im BACK!  Heres my version of the award in FOODS in blue, pink, orange, and green...

YAY!  Some of my favrit stuff.  Fancy Feast is my breakfast treat (We get good Evo stuff fer Dinner).

Now, who ta give this too?

I dont know any kitties what are blue.  Wait, yes I do!  Herman is feelin "BLUE" cuz he is hafing trubbles wif his foods...

I jus KNOW that Calle, Halle, and Suzzi love PINK being such sweet dear girls.

And Clemmie is ORANGE, so Ill give her this awardie!

For GREEN, Ill send it to Siena (Cat With A Garden).  Gardens are green, right?

The basic rules are:  Show the award on yer blog and link to who gave it to ya.  Mentions somethin about ya for each of the 4 colors.  Then award it ta 4 other kitties connected ta each color...  An then let them know they been awarded this.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Mousie Box

IZA:  After Ayla's birfday party, all the mousies were scattered ALL ofer the house.  The Big Thing usually tosses me mousies an squiggles while he eats dinner, but he could only find a couple.  So we all went onna mousie huntin expedition. We looked unner efrywhere an TBT used his special hook ta get them out from unner furniture.

Last time we did that, there were 14 mousies.  NOW, there are 16!  I got 2 more.  One of them was an older kind (wif a fevver-butt) that he hadnt seen since last year.  He saves them all inna Fancy Feast box and keeps it outta sight at night.  That's cuz they are rattley mice, and he wouldnt get anny sleep otherwise.  Its OK, there are 2 soft quiet mice he leaves out at night.

Well, last night I found it!  The secret mousie box stash!  I really did!  He had forgot ta put the box away.  I knocked the whole box offa the chair. I had LOTSA mousies ta play wif ALL night long...  Especially inna bedroom.  Heh-heh-heh!

Thats how he learnt I found them!  Rattle, rattle, rattle all night long.  He complained some, but he wouldnt get up.  This is what he found in the morning...

Mousies efrywhere!

Oh early mornin is SO good...

He'll probably remember ta hide the box tonite though...

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Kitty Blog

And here we thought it was a crummy day cuz The Big Thing locked us in the bedroom so he could do his taxes wifout bein bothered having us whap papers all around!  Well, we would have...

But as soon as he was done, he let us out and we checked our blog.  We gotta comment from a former lurker!  And they started their OWN blog.  So we went right over.

They are Katnip Lounge an there is a whole Cuddle of them!  Go visit them an welcome them to the Cat Blogosphere!  They are tellin us all about themselves (naturally, bein new) and thats ALLUS fun to read.

Iza Gets More Demanding

How delinquent kitties begin...

IZA:  Hey, you up there.  Toss me the next toy NOW!

I dont care whether it is a rattley mouse or a squiggle.

But you are up there eatin yer fancy dinner onna TV tray watchin TV an Im gettin NOTHIN!  So I want some attenshun NOW!

I can smack yer TV tray hard an knock that wine glass over right over, ya know.  I broke that one wif yer name on it last month that way...  You thought that was you?  Ha-ha-ha.  Do I haf ta pounce a certain "other" kitty in the house ta get yer attention?  Ya get the drift?

Wait, no, yer NOT pickin me up!  Yer NOT putting me on yer lap!  Yer not layin me down in yer lap!  Yer not scritchin me trying to get me ta nap, nap, ah like the waves on the beach, sterling like the silvery dawn, all comfy and safe as the morning on the bed, sometimes like zephyrs rolling in like Disney fairies in fog, so happy and tranquil, daffodilly-like, and, um, so sleepy and happy an peaceful, like soft waves onna shore an... purr, purrr, purrr, purrr, purrrrrrrr...

[The Big Thing:  Iza fell asleep in mid rant.

Isn't she so cute when she is asleep on my lap...  LOL!]

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scratch Pad Fun

AYLA:  Since it appears that Im trapped inside again for a while, Im spending my time stayin in shape fer the next escape.  The best thing is my scratchin pad.  I really like ta werk it over good. 

The Big Thing says he is amazed that annything is left of it.  Its about a year since he made it an I use it LOTS!

I also play wif the ring toy, but not much.  But its better than nothin ta keep in practice fer mousie huntin.  Iffen I get outside again fer a couple days, I'll need FOOD...

I unnerstand TBT is tryin ta figure out ways ta at least keep me in the yard.  HA!  Good luck wif THAT!

Friday, April 09, 2010

A Problem

THE BIG THING:  I'm taking over the blog for right now.  I have to mention a problem from the past week.  I was trying to avoid it, but I need any advice I can get. 

Ayla and Iza get along fine in the house.  They both nap on my lap sometimes together.  They sleep with me on the bed at night.  They eat in the same room.  They wrassle friendly often.  But Iza is a bit of a bully sometimes.  Ayla can hop up high when she needs to, so that isn't a major problem.

The problem is when they are outside.  Ayla likes to go over the fence into the wilder woods when she is allowed outside.  That's been "OK", she usually returns at night. 

But then Iza started waiting at the door and threatened Ayla when she wanted to come inside.  I had to protect Ayla as she came in.  It got worse last week.

As Ayla went outside, Iza followed.  The instant Ayla pranced toward the fence, Iza lit out after her like she was an intruder kitty.  Ayla ran over the fence easily and Iza could not follow her.  When Ayla returned later, Iza chased her into the house and made some fur fly.  I had to separate them for an hour, but after that, they were fine again.

The last time, Iza jumped on Ayla while still on the deck!  Ayla jumped off (10' to the lawn) and Iza chased her out of the yard.  And screamed at her while halfway up the fence.  Iza has never climbed halfway up the fence before, nor has she screamed at Ayla before.

Ayla would NOT return to the yard for 4 days!  I saw her around often.  She was wandering near the fence all the time.  She would sit ON the fence frequently.  But she would not come in the yard.  It did not matter whether Iza was out or in.  If I approached her quietly and alone, she would hop off the fence and stay outside.  I was feeling sick and worried.

If Iza was outside in the yard, I could always tell where Ayla was because Iza was right opposite inside the fence warding her away.  No screams, just "I dare you to come back over the fence".  I should mention that Ayla is 5.5 pounds and Iza is 11.5 pounds.

Finally, at the end of the 4th day, Ayla showed up at the deck door.  I grabbed Iza and held her high and opened the door.  Ayla hesitated but came inside.  I closed the door fast.  Then I closed Iza in the bedroom and attended to Ayla.  She was so loving and happy, so at least I know it wasn't me she was trying to escape from.  I gave her canned food in small amounts over 2 hours and water.  She curled right up on my lap and purred .

So it is something between her and Iza.  Yet, when I opened the bedroom door and let Iza out, they got along fine, sniffing and grooming. 

I first thought that it was because Iza is very possessive of me (you would think she was on a 2' leash attached to my ankle).  But, inside, they are (mostly) fine.

It's outside that is the problem.  Outside, Iza treats Ayla like an intruder or even prey for the past 2 months.  I don't understand it.  If Ayla just sits on the deck, she is generally safe, but if she moves toward the fence, Iza attacks her.  The last time Iza just wnt insane attacking at Ayla.

Idea 1.  Iza suddenly treats anything that moves away from her as prey.

Idea 2.  Iza wants to be an only cat but only thinks she can drive Ayla away when she is outside.

Idea 3.  Iza is going crazy because Ayla keeps going into heat (Ayla has been spayed twice, but it hasn't worked).

Idea 4. Something else.

If any kitties or Beins have any advice or suggestions, I could sure use it.  I give them both a lot of separate attention.  I try to give them both attention when they are being friendly to each other.  I don't favor either of them.  I am wondering if a third cat, male, might bring some calmness to the house, probably an adult one (having a larger friendly cat than Iza might settle her aggressive habits).  Or that might make things worse. 

Please help us...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Birfday Party Report


What I great birfday party I had! 

So many friends showed up (and some I never quite caught the name of).

There were highlights:

Chey and Gemini left us a ham “just fer us later”.  That was great.  The Big Thing will be taking pieces off for us later today.  YUM!  And he won't eat anny himself cuz its mine!  Ayla can haf some small bits though.

The Creek Cats all showed up, and were great at the mousie hunt.

Zippie, Sadie, and Speedy came by to leave good birfday wishes.  And they were great at the box and bag jumping games.

As did the wildcatwoodscats.  Who were great on the cat tree.  And they enjoyed starin at our fishie tank!

Siena and Chilli enjoyed the laundry hamper lots.  In fact The Big Thing had to take them out of it .  Apparently, his undershirts are really good-smelly to them.  Well. We like them too.

Sylvester, Camille , and Ava were great at the box games.

Oh, the Meezers and Billy.  Hoot!  Life of the party.  Sammy even found aliens in our own house.  Miles rolled his eyes at Sammy.  Billy can SURE dance.  Which was weird cuz the music was "lite classical".

Shadow and Molly – Niptini lovers!  But discrete.  Meaning they only danced on the table when asked.

Socks and Scylla and Artemesia and Fenris – Great outdoors kitties and woofie.  Great mousers.  And Fenris stayed politely by the fence to not scare anyone (and keep any outdoors kitties from jumpin it).  We are glad we hadda big soupbone fer him ta enjoy).

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout, now there were a great team at looking into The Big Thing’s clothes drawers!  Top work, all.

Daisy even came by.  Now we know where the lizards went!  Tummy-fodder!

Psycho Max got ta sniff a real mousie hole.  He doesn’t usually get outside, but this was a special occasion.  We‘re not gonna say he passed out sniffing the mousie hole, but The Big Thing DID hafta carry him inside.  “Cause cats should be carried everywhere, of course”, Max said afterwards.  And we gotta mention the Max was King of the Hill several times.  Not because he beat the others off but because he CONVINCED them to leave.  Way cool, Max!

William popped over for a bit.  He DOES love shrimps!  And the meowgaritas!

The whole gang from Amy and the House of Cats visited in time to catch mousies.  They are very good at it.  They got 3!  And shared them…

Sweet Praline came by ta see if my tummy furs really are as soft as mink.  It was.  We groomed each other.  That was really nice.

Calle,Halle,andSukki (so close there aren’t even spaces) came by ta check out the open clothes drawers and have some niptinis inside with Ayla.  She loved that.  There are rumors that the girls all visited the bottom of the hamper at once, (Woodda been a GREAT picture!) but I can’t prove it cuz I was outside…

With Samantha, Clemmie, and Maverick hunting mousies.  Maverick was a good boy and helped Fenris keep all the curious kitties from jumpin the fence.  GOOD BOYS!  Sam and Clemmie are good mousers.  We caught 2 and I won’t tell who dint!

Oh, OK, it was me.  Ahem.

Amy’s whole House of Cats came by at once and the cat tree really got active!  Vergil was so ecited ta get to the top on the King of the Hill game.  (Don’t tell him he had some friendly Bein help)…

We were so glad ta see Goldie.  A great mouser, and proved it!  Got 2 hisself!  And shared, of course.

Brian ‘ported in.  He is a good conniseur of mousie liquers!  Great taste.  Could tell the good ones with a single lick.

Harry Spotter caught his first live mousie!  Talk about thrilled…  He carried it around (casually) all evening just to get conversations going.  Nothin like yer first mousie! 

Charlemagne and Tamar came by for their (first?) Singalong Slings.  I joined them in one.  Whew!  Nip, Beef flavor, and bubbly water…  I might have another,

But Spitty-The-Kitty dropped in and I hadda greet him [edited to correct] (well the pleasure was all mine).  We went outside fer some mousie hunting.  He is a good friend.  We seem ta have a lot in common.

Oh Bast, it’s the Island Cats!  Break out the treats TBT, there’s a bunch of them.  And then they went THoE!  I say the whole house shook!   There are better individual kitties at it, but as a group, they rule at that.  I think they practice at home!

Yay, Derby and Ducky made it ta the party.  They made those toy mousies move!  They are great batters!  And they love the ham and shrimps! 

And there were lots of other kitties who came by.  It’s just that The Big Thing isn’t very good at keeping notes.  He isn’t very good at telling us apart sometimes.   MOL!

Ayla is passed out meetin so many real Meezers.  I liked meetin all the non-meezers (though of course I like the meezers too).  
Wow, what a day!  I'm sackin it in .  I think Ayla and me will sleep on The Big Thing until noon at least and we he gets up, we will just stay on the bed.  Until twilight, of course...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


IZA:  I'M 2!

I'm celybratin it wif a party!  Good foods and toys of course, but mostly a MOUSIE HUNT!

Not toy mousies indoors (though those are surely good and fun an we got plenty of those available too), but outside real mousies...

It will start now (sorry, we slept late).  There will be tours of the best mousie holes.

Suggestions fer best catchin of mousies by me and Ayla (cause she is really good at it too), and "other fun things".

Like running the yard fast, climbing up trees, laying on warm rocks, sittin on the deck tops, playin with twigs (we got lots of those efrywhere), and finding frogs.

And there is inside stuff fer kitties not allowed outdoors.  We got boxes, bags, and our really good cat tree fer scratchin and climbing, an a long hall fer THoE.

We haf it on the best authority that we are all allowed to run over The Big Thing's bed and even better, the dresser drawers will be open fer lookin into!!!  And I am pleased ta report that the laundry hamper will be left OPEN as well!

There will be good places fer nappin, too!

Aside from the special Hams and Shrimps and Nip, The Big Thing says there will be 4 bowls of different treats. 4 bowls of flavored drinks (niptinis, meowgaritas, singalong slings, and mousie liquors).

5 PM UPDATE:  Oh my, the place has been JUMPIN today!  I am so thrilled...  There have been about a squillion kitties from about 50 households over here so far!  This is my best birfday EVER.

It has been ecitin to show some kitties their first ever natural mousie holes and when they sniffed the holes they were jus thrilled!  So rich and redolent!  Some of the esperienced hunters found brand new mousie holes we hadnt found yet.  The mousies are so active this time of year even The Big Thing found a brand new mousie hole (which he discreetly pointed out to a couple of our inesperienced guests so they could claim the find).  And, of course, since they were the first KITTIES to find them, that counted for them.

The mouse catch is up to at least 6 (we think a few others got caught and eaten quietly), and a salamander was discovered (but TBT decided to save it), and 2 little skinks were flushed out (and disappeared).  But we have made sure what every kitty who neffer tasted a mousies got a bite (iffen they wanted - a couple declined to eat food not from a can).

Several normally indoor kitties have discovered the joys of peeing and/or pooping outdoors.  There were so many of us outside and TBT WAS there and there IS the huge tall fence, that some dared come outside and try it.  We still have the ground covered wif leaves, so that was very enticing.

And of course, we all keep runnin inside ta get the good party foods and play inside games too.  The boxes and bags are fun.  But the big hits are both the 15 toy mousies and the 3 squigglies and the cat tree.  I may NEVER find some of those mousies again the way they been batted all over the place an under the furniture an down the stairs.  TBT says not ta worry, he will find them all again.  Whew!

The cat tree has been the place for many "King/Queen Of The Hill" contests.  Most kitties have gone the usual route of running from the lower platforms ta the top, but some others have discovered they cam jump straight ta the top from the table or even the floor.  It was so active at one point that TBT had ta stand on the base ta keep it from slidin around.  But he is sneaky...  A couple of times, he helped out some of the smaller kitties by giving a suttle nudge to the current King/Queen.  Heh, Heh...

The drinks and food and treats have been goin fast, but TBT stocked up fer the party, so we aint runnin out of annything.  There are hours of light still ta go and esperienced outdoors kitties will be allowed ta hunt for mousies after dark iffen they promise not to try the fence.

I nefer realized how much fun being 2 would be!  Yippee!!!

10 PM UPDATE:   Still packed with kitties.  Even The Big Thing is amazed.  The outdoors kitties have all come in with the harvested mousie tab up to 14!  They are now all enjoyin the inside foods and drinks.  The mousie licqeurs are a big hit as are the singalong slings.  And the treats of course.  The focus has become the THoE, the stairway races, and the laundry hamper dive.  The "King/Queen of the Hill" is about used up as we have learned who the winners always are.  New guests could change that though.

We think our indoors nip plant is about nibbled to extinction, though TBT assures us it will grow back (and there are several he spotted outside emerging for the year). 

We remain thankful that he has been continuously cleaning the 4 litterboxes in the basement.  With all the kitties coming inside  and all that good food, there has almost been a line waiting for their use.  That's OK. 

Wif all the mousies ta sample, the ham has aktally been ignored a bit, but the shrimps still remain popular.  Most are just warmed, but some are cooked, as some of the guests like them that way.  TBT is taking specific requests on those.

We have also opened some of our separate canned favrits:   Evo Duck, Venison, and Turkey Giblets.  Wow those are great...

Now back ta the toy mousies, squiggles, and the cat tree...