Friday, May 21, 2010


AYLA and IZA:  Our never-ending kibble bowl went away!  Its been gone a whole week an we ARENT happy. TBT says it is "for our own good" an that is never a good thing as far as we are concerned.  We LIKE our crunchies!  We like that they CRUNCH like bones and mousie skulls.  Duh...  Plus, they are always there when we want a snack!

TBT:  After readin for the umpteenth time that unlimited dry kibble is simply bad for most cats, I decided to try not leaving it out all night and day.  On the up side, they do eat their good canned food a lot better.  Even flavors they have declined to like before.  Well, its not like Evo Venison or Avoderm chicken is BAD for them.  They just want Evo chicken/turkey or duck stuff all the time.  And would you believe they don't like TUNA unless they are really hungry?  I  wonder about them sometimes.  They eat ham and beef if I drop bits from the kitchen counter but will not eat it from a quality canned source.  Hmmm.  I concluded that they were getting too fussy about high quality canned food.

AYLA and IZA:  Well, What we WANT is live mousies evry day!  Is that so hard to get, TBT?  We wouldnt eat dry kibble iffen there was live mousies ta chase and eat. 

TBT:  Actually, I think they would still want never-ending kibble...  I even tested it.  Sometimes, when there was still canned Evo left in the bowl, I would put down a small amount of kibble, and they would run over to it.  Now, its not that I mind them eating SOME kibble if they enjoy the crunch.  I just don't want them filling up on it all night and then being too stuffed in the morning to eat their healthier canned food.  And I WANT them to eat healthier food.

AYLA and IZA:  But we LIKE the CRUNCH,  we LIKE the CRUNCH, we LIKE the CRUNCH!!!

TBT:   Which is why I have started spreading out their meals.  When I get up, they split a small can of Fancy Feast.  Then a few hours later, I place a small handful of dry kibble in their bowls when they are both around to get their fair share (interestingly Ayla will only eat her portion, but Iza will eat both portions if she can).


TBT:   You know that's true Iza, I watch carefully...  You try to be sneaky about it, but I ALWAYS know what you both are doing.  Heh-Heh.  Anyway, as I was saying, I split up their meals.  Some Fancy Feast first think in the morning (small can), then some small amount of kibble a few hours later, then late lunch (teatime?) of a half can of some high-quality canned food, then around dinner, some kibble (and I mean a tablespoon each), then the other half of the canned food at bedtime (mine, not theirs).   And that actually spreads it pretty well around the clock.

So they are getting a good 8.5 ounces of good quality canned food and 4 ounces of kibble each day for the 17.5 pounds of them (Ayla is 6 pounds and Iza is 11.5 pounds).  I am weighing them every couple of days to make sure they aren't losing any weight (though quite frankly, I will let Iza lose a pound if that happens to occur gradually - I don't call her "Pudge" for no reason).  The Vet agrees that Iza would be healthier at 10 pounds (according to her skeletal size).  

I really worry more about Ayla's weight.  She is only 5.5 - 6 pounds and she doesn't eat as much when she is in heat, so I have to watch that more carefully.  I try to keep her "plumped up" to at least 6 pounds.  It is difficult though.  She eats more than Iza does (I give Ayla slightly larger portions of the good Evo food) 

Iza:  Wait, WHAT?  Thats not FAIR!

and she eats it right up but she never seems to gain more weight.   And Ayla is a member of "The Clean Plate Club".  She licks the bowl clean.  I think I should give her a LARGER portion. I would like to see Ayla at 7 pounds and Iza at 10.


Quiet, Iza...  The good news is that they are starting to see the regular kibble as "treats".  That's OK because neither of them actually seem to like commercial treats.  I've been using up the last of the dry Meow Mix in the lunch and the dry Hills Science Diet in the evening, and they love both.

As I have gotten older, my cats have been gradually getting better quality food (as best I can tell by reading articles about it).  I probably can't give them much better food then they are currently getting.  I just wish I had gotten "here" many years ago. 

And I'll repeat that I am watching their weights very carefully as I change their feeding habits...


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh dear--I don't know what I would do without my crunchies!

Brian said...

Me too, I would have KWS...Kibble Withdrawl Syndrome...big time!

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh boy! It was HARD getting off the kibble train! KonaKitty held out for almost a week, eating the minimum she needed to live to complain.
It's been almost two months now, and the change in alla us is amazing. No more dandruff, our coats are shiney, and we've trimmed down! (and our poops aren't so, well, stinky.)
We enjoy "Blue" cat kibble for treats. That stuff is kitty crack, we swear! and if Ayla likes it, it's a good source of calories, too.
Mommy is thrilled we're off the kibble train and we're eating wet food exclusively. Daddy was skeptical at first but he's totally sold, too!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Mom haf da same problem wif Zippy, she weighs in, on a good day, at 6 pounds. She gets extra food and still don't gain weight. Da vet stopped worrying about it cuz she is otherwise healthy.

Jacqueline said...

My girls are all different sizes too, so it's hard to keep them all at a good weight for their specific body type; I try to keep a close eye on their weight=I don't want Halle (6.4 lbs,she is very short and tiny) or Sukki (7.4 lbs, she is long and lean) to lose any weight and I don't want Calle (10 lbs,a good weight for her=she is long and solid) to gain any weight...They eat dry and canned food too...Hope you all have a happy weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Good luck with all of that! The PM was thinking of trying to portion out our dry food too but decided it would be hard to do as Shade doesn't eat any wet food at all. The PM's tried all kinds but she sniffs it and walks away.

Keep us posted!

Purrs Goldie

Sweet Praline said...

I eat the crunchies, the stinky goodness and have treats! I still weigh under 8 pounds and the vet says I am doing great. Must be in the genes!

The Island Cats said...

Iza and Ayla, it sounds like TBT is just looking out for both of you and wanting to do what is best.

(TBT...Island Cats' mom here. Something you could try with the kibble, is give Ayla and Iza a treat ball with the kibble in it. You can get the treat balls at petstores like Petsmart or Petco. They have to play with the ball to get the kibble so they don't eat eat the kibble so fast. Ernie loves his treat ball! Just a suggestion.)

Lisa, Jack and Baby said...

We mostly like canned food. We get alot because the vet wants Jack to keep up his weight, reasoning that with his kidney disease weight drop is not good. And Baby is a little 6-pounder and it's hard to keep her weight up, and she throws up often. She also eats a little kibble. I guess we all have our own unique food preferences.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

I mostly eat canned food, but I have crunchies available. I get about a quarter cup in the morning, but I NEVER eat it all unless I really HATE the canned food flavor du jour. Some days I don't eat any crunchies. Somedays I eat a few. But she better not stop giving it to me, if you know what I'm saying.

meemsnyc said...

We removed the never ending dry food bowl when our Sebastian started gaining too much weight. He eats and eats, and doesn't stop eating. However, now, when the bowl is empty, he sits in front of the bowl and gives us the saddest eyes, so I have to give him a little. He's good with that trick.

Daisy said...

Hooray for you! Our holistic vet also said that having dry food out all day stimulates our senses and is not good for us. We are completely off the dry kibble and doing great. I used to sleep in late and eventually go downstairs for breakfast. Now I RACE downstairs and eagerly eat my meal. Our Mommeh has a baby scale and weighs us about once a month to make sure we aren't gaining or losing weight.

Cory said...

We still get our dry food, but it's grain free. Maybe one day mom will try to move us all over to wet food cause it sounds good. We eat some wet food but we fuss over it.

Ayla sounds like me. I eat but I'm in constant motion so I burn it off and I'm a wee little kitty!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We're slowly, slowly shifting to all canned. Scooby is pretty much a kibble addict though.
Shaggy has lost 4 pounds since his last check up (we haven't blogged about it yet) and the vet would like to see him lose 3 more to be his ideal weight (15 pounds). A test they did showed his urine is very concentrated so wet food is best for him since he isn't a big water drinker.

AFSS said...

(Grr) The beans took our never ending crunchies away when Socks wouldn't come home for supper. It is all HIS FAULT. And as he shows up promptly at 4PM now looking for his supper we don't think they will relent. Now we gets our wet food. One can split 3 ways with Artemisia getting the majority of the food although Mommy puts the most food in Socks bowl. After she eats all the food in her bowl Artemisia is rude and pushes Scylla out of the way and eats her food, then if Socks is still eating she does the same thing to him. Then we gets kibble if we are still hungry. Then we gets kibble for breakfast. But we misses the all U can eat all day buffet.