Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallows Eve Treat Day!

IZA:  Ooh, Im so ecited, tonight Beins will come knock on our door and leave us kitty treats!!!

AYLA:  Uh, no Iza, they come here asking US ta give THEM treats.

IZA:  They want our kitty treats?   Why?

AYLA:  No, the Little Sticky Beins want chocolate.

IZA:  They want us to give them poison?

AYLA:  No Iza, chocolate isn't poison ta Little Sticky Beins, just ta us!

IZA:   So we give them The Big Thing's Van Otis Swiss Fudge?

AYLA:  Only iffen ya wanna be made inta sausage tomorrow!!!

IZA:  Ooh, I don't want that!  So what do we give out?

AYLA:  Candy Corn Crap...  They love it...
IZA:   So we get to at least keep the treats we have?

AYLA:  Yup...

IZA:  What a great Holiday!  Yah, a whole holiday fer us ta keep our treats!..  And get given MORE by visitor Beins!  In exchange for candy corns.  Right?

AYLA:  No.  Arggh!  THEY don't give US treats AT ALL.  Iza, Iza, Iza.. There are times I would trade you for a dead frog!

IZA:  Oh yeah?  Oh Yeah?  Well...  So would I!  Wait...  What?

AYLA:   I try, and I try, and I try, to help her...  ERK!  Say goodnight Iza...

IZA:  "Goodnight Iza".

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Watchin TV

AYLA:  I like watchin TV.  Sometimes I watch from TBT lap, but other times I like ta get up real close.  I only started doin that when the big flat TV showed up. 

Mostly I like shows with animals on them, but Beins are fun ta watch too.  Theyre small like outside through the window.  Mister Jacque is one of my favrits.  He has a friendly voice an cooks lots of meat.
I especially like watchin Cats 101!  But Im gonna do a separate post on that one...

Iza doesnt watch TV.  She says iffen she cant smell them, shes not innerested!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garden Thursday

IZA:   Sorry there isnt annything ta show.  Evrythin looks mostly the same as LAST WEEK!

However, The Big Thing has started diggin stuff ta plant new things an move others around.  So, I think I will just mark this week as "Under Construction"...
Right now there is just some scraped ground anna few holes.  I'll save it for next week's Garden Tour when stuff is finished an there is actually stuff ta see!

UPDATE:  I see The Big Thing decided to post about the work and plans.   He gets ecited about bare soil and future plans an designs an stuff.  I dont.  I just wanna see the results.  But iffen ya wanna see what he actally did, its HERE.  At least there are pictures, which was more than I thought innerestin ta take.

UPDATE: Another SKEETER is goin over The Bridge.  Please go visit and leave a comment of purrs and friendship...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordy Wensday

OH OH!  More Werd Verification werds...  We guess there is no stopping him on this til he gets tired of it...

1.  COOKBEA - The insect that makes the food for the Queen Bea

2.  NOMMA - What nursing kittens call their Mommacat

3.  DEFLY - Tattoo-kitty tellin his boss about the insect".  "De fly, De Fly"!

4.  DEMON - The guy Tattoo-kitty said "De Fly" to.

5.  ABILL - A sad thing ya haveta pay

6.  MICINGS - Appropriate frostings on a kitty cake.

7.  RIGHTLED - Republicans, as opposed to Democrats (LEFTLED).

8.  INPAR - Its a 20' putt for a birdie, it stops 3" short.  It will be a tap INPAR.

9.  OVENI - The casserole was better cooked oveni than stovetopi.

Well, we liked 2 and 6, so we guess we'll let him keep doing this...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Her Name Pudge or Plunge?

THE BIG THING:    I'm sorry, but I gotta say... 

Iza and I were out in the yard today, and Iza got it in her mind to run up a tree.  Not a big tree like Ayla likes, but a small tree with lots of branches close together.  It's her best practicing tree.

And I will admit that I didn't have a camera with me.  But I had to laugh.  She went right up the tree farther then ever before.  10' high! 

And she didn't know what to do when she got up there! 

She looked all around and tried to turn around on several small branches.  She almost fell out of the tree doing that..

Then she tried to walk down the sloping branches head first.  She almost fell out again, but caught herself on a side branch.  You've seen that iconic cat poster...
That was Iza!  Trust me, her claws are as sharp as Ayla's, so that wasn't the problem.
Ayla can give lessons to squirrels about climbing around a tree.  But the squirrels were laughing at Iza!  She finally managed to SLIDE down one branch head-first until she was about 3' above ground.  Then she simply "dropped".

She did land on her feet. But it seems she went right down onto her belly.  She basically just "flumped" onto the ground.  And she looked grateful for the landing.

I love Iza dearly, but she is never going to be an acrobaticat like Ayla!

But in recompense, I will say that Iza is the most agile toy mouser I've ever seen.  She can keep toy mousies in the air like a person with a badminton racket.  She is really quite remarkable that way.  With her feet on the ground, she's good.

But in a tree?  She is about as graceful as a groundhog (and I saw a groundhog in my mulberry tree once and it basically "flumped" off too when I approached it).

At least Ayla didn't see it...

AYLA:  I saw it from the window...  I almost fell off the windersill laffin!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Limbo Unner The Ottoman

IZA: I know I aint famous fer bein agile, but even I can play when the right song comes along...

"Every limbo boy and girl
All around the limbo world
Gonna do the limbo rock
All around the limbo clock
Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let's do the limbo rock"

OK, so I do the Limbo Otto-Man...

Here I go, unner the Limbo Ottoman...
 Then I come out again...
Yeah, well if YOUR nickname was "Pudge", yould be thrilled, too...  I barely squeezed unner there!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

A standard "Easy Like Sunday" picture fer us...  Similar to past Sundays, but always new pictures.  This is just such a favrit way ta chillax we keep doin it...
We dont think it gets much better than this...  We hope to enjoy doin this fer another squillion  or so Sundays!

Carpe Diem an all that...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Foods - Again

Why does he do this?  We know what Stinky Goodness we like (an sometimes randomly refuse ta eat).  But he keeps tryin other healthy stuff.
We just want our reglar stuff,  Sometimes...
The worst thing is that we like SOME of the new stuff, but we dont wanna admit it.  We like it SOMETIMES, but not OTHER times.  We thought we had him all twisted up in kanots!

Ya wont beleef what he did!  When we wouldnt eat, ya know what he did?  Do ya?


He put one single treat next ta our bowls.  Great!  But that got our tummies goin...  An our mouths werking...  So we started ta eat the new stuff EVEN THOUGH we dint want to!  We ate it right up before we even knew what we were doin.  Then we realized that he had been doin this to us fer a couple weeks whenever we dint eat the food right away!

Ooh, he is a sneaky Bein...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Anti-Remote Control

AYLA: I wanna let ya in on a little secret I learnt!

Ya can DEFEAT the TV Remote Control iffen ya learn to sit in the right spot!  Look fer a little red dot on the TV.  Then sit up against it!
It werks GREAT!  Notice the screen behind me is dark.  That's in spite of The Big Thing sittin in his chair pushin the buttons to NO EFFECT!  Kitties have the POWER ta block TV Remotes...  Who knew?

But lets take advantage of it whenever possible.  An search fer OTHER ways ta thwart the Beins from focusin their attention on ANNYTHIN other than US! 

Power ta the KITTIES!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Garden Thursday

Iza:  The big deal in the garden this week is the sedums.  They are gettin "brick red" now.

The Big Thing says he has a MAJOR border upgrade planned.  He is gonna dig up the ENTIRE border and plant crocus bulbs, tall blue fescue grass that he been growin carefully all year, an leave spots fer yellow dwarf marigolds next year.  That'l be cool!

The Sedums...

They look nice around Skeeter's Place, dont they?
Ya may remember that they were lighter last time...

I was lookin all around Skeeter's Place.  It was nice.  The flowers and the empty spots were both good.  Its OK, ya can get close too.  We dont mind and it is a good spot ta sit.  Very calm.

Its a nice place ta be near outside.  Feels "real friendly" iffen ya know what I mean.  I never met Skeeter, but I feel real good near his spot.  We would have been good friends.  I can tell.  And LC is right next to him over here...
The Salvias continue ta look cheerful.  We are almost getting bored by the salvias being bright red alla time.  But they won't last much longer an we will miss them when they are gone.
They have an innerestin smell, too!

Here we got the wave petunias.  They dint grow well during the drought, but they have been recoverin.  Along with the weeds.  The Big Thing says they will fade from the cold soon, and he will just scrape the whole area clean of weeds then...
 There are still a few butterfly bush flowers bloomin.  I think the butterflies are gone though.  This purple one is nice...
 The white one looks good too...
Here are 2 flats of Blue Fescue that will become a permanent border along with yellow an purple crocuses.  The Blue Fescue will make a clumping mound about 10" high and wide...
And iffen ya look up a bit, ya can see the wave petunias that were planted on the hanging cherry tomato basket.  We dint get any cherry tomatoes this year.  Something ate all the leafs and by the time they grew back, there wasn't time ta grow the tomatoes.  So it was nice ta have something colorful in the basket...

Well, let's go  out an sit in the sunpuddles on the lawn.  There are still some over here by the apples.  Mebbe we will see a vole running around and ya can go chase it.

Nip an treats up on the deck as usual...  And the deck door is open cuz Ayla is chillaxin in the garage.  She just LOVES the warm car hood!  Litterboxes down the stairs an to the left.  Or outside.  ;)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Werdy Wensday

Oh Bast, there are more Real Werd Verification werds!  We MUST stop him doin this...  Suggestions are welcome.

1.  GEEMISTER - "What The Beaver said when he was apologizin to some adult guy"

2.  OVENIT - "What you do with a whole chicken"

3.  CATSIES - "Grown up kittensies"

4.  NUBYISM - "The love of new bloggers"

5.  UNDIN - "To quiet things down"

6.  LANAB - "French for just before 'LA ARREST'"

7.  ALSTIC - "The commercial brand of the glue that adheres to EVERYTHING!"

8.  UNCHAR - "What you cant do to a burned steak"

9.  DESSI - "What LUCCI calls her husband"

We unnerstood 3 an 8 this time.

Help!  How do we stop him from doing this? Or shouldn't we?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Toesie Tuesday


After all the toesie shots, this one is modest...  Imagine how they look, and dream...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Bug

We saw this big bug crawling up the side of the deck door yesserday!  It was really weerd-lookin...

We stared at it fer awhile, but it eventually walked off the door...
The Big Thing said it was a really good buggy (an one of his favrits) so I guess even if we couldda gotten at it, we wouldnt have been allowed ta do annythin to it.  Bet it wouldda been tasty!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mousie Whappin

IZA:  Ya, you've seen me at this rug mat before,  But I love it an ya get ta see more of me at it...  How could ya not love seein more of me at it?

 Got it all turned around!
 Takin a break...
 Checkin fer movement!
 Capturin the mousies again...
 Beatin them up...
 Surrounded by deaded mousies...
I AM in charge here, ya know...

PS:  Today is National Feral Cat Day.  Support your local Trap-Neuter-Release programs!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Sometimes, we just got ta get all fancy-like...

A study in beige and soft light...

Soft visions of mousies, treats, and stinkey goodness all through my head...
Reality Flashy!
Nap well!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Garden Thursday

IZA:  Well, its RAININ again today!  OK, the sun is jus comin out, but the grass is long an it is WAY too wet ta go walkin aroun out there.  So, no outside tour this week.

Ah, but INSIDE, I got some stuff ta show!  Stuff that will be put outside during the next week...

First, I have crocus an daffodil bulbs that arrived yesserday. 
There are 150 solid yellow crocuses (and 150 solid purple crocuses to be delivered).  Those are going in the border along the flowerbed.  There are 100 Monal daffodils that will be bright yellow with orange centers, and there are 100 Fragrant Rose daffodils that will be white with orange centers.  It will be neat cause one flowers early Spring and the other flowers late Spring.  So the color will change as the Spring goes by...

Fortunately, those will be going out front, so I dont hafta snoopervize THAT operation.  I WILL watch from the front windersill, though.

Then these Mums showed up a couple days ago.  The Big Thing was sposed ta plant them yesserday before the rain came, but he didnt!  I try an try, but sometimes they jus gotta learn what happens when they put stuff off...
They are 3 yellow Mums an 3 orange Mums.  Im not sure ezactly where he is gonna put them.  But thats his problem.  I jus try ta make sure he does the plantin right.

I wish I couldda shown ya the outside flowers, but we'll hope the weather is better fer that next week! 

But lets go upstairs fer a bit.  Ayla has been preparin the after-tour snacks.  She says there is Nip, real chick-hen, an Nip-flavored water or chick-hen juice ta drink.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordy Wensday

That's right!  Words, no pictures.  The Big Thing has been savin Werd Verifications werds and making funs from them.  Today he gave us some ta post...  Since we dint have a better idea fer today, we agreed.

1.  RESTIOL - "Y'all 3 werk on the right side, the "restiol" werk on the left"

2.  OPERTIVE - "A spy"

3.  BACTI - "Tiny little thorny plants that bother microbes"

4.  PROONES - "Regular evacuation fruits"

5.  UNLAGLEP - "Hawkeye's OTHER Mohican friend"

6.  WHINKM - "The brother of Bhlinkum and Nhod"

7.  SUNPIE - "What you get when kitties sit in the bright daylight too long!"

8.  MOGAS - "What the passenger says to the driver when the cops are catchin up"

9.  CATURBIN - "Wearing a kitty wrapped around the top of your head"

We hope YOU unnerstand them.  About 2 made some sense ta us (7 and 9).  The rest were WAY unner our paws.  In fact, we have an urge ta bury them...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We are both protestin this!  The Big Thing tricked us.  First, he said today was Toesie Tuesday.  Second,  he bounced a ping pong ball in the sink an we HADDA go investigate it.  Which put us in rather undignified poses...

So WHY are we postin this?  Cuz he made us an offer we couldnt refuse!  Either HE would post the pictures an claim we posed deliberately, or WE could post them and register our protest.  Um, plus treats...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Laser Eyes Battle

IZA:  Ayla an I are havin a Laser Eyes Battle!  We both been kinna hissy all day.  Its all about yesterday's lap time.  Ayla got on him first and stayed there until he got up.  So I dint get my turn.

So I nibbled her toes in bed last night and she whapped me hard.  We slept on opposite sides of The Big Thing (who thinks the whole thing is very amusin) the whole night.

Then this aftternoon, Ayla headed down ta the basement.  I know her favrit spot down there is up on the frigerator an I ran past her an got up first!  That made her upset (turnabout is fair play). She dint run cuz she dint know I could even get up there.  Well, I had been practicin when she wasnt around!!!

So there I was...

An there SHE was...

We glared at each other fer almost a hour.  TBT finally put a stop to it though.  He said we either make up or he would put our food bowls together for dinner. * GASP*  We dont like that at all!

We made up...

Our food bowls better not be touchin at dinnertime!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  I know this looks a lot like last week, but ya can see that The Big Thing is wearing different cloths an Iza is nappin on the otto man.  Im up here insteada her cuz we were inna bedroom an heard him sit down.  We hadda race down the hallway ta get ta him first an I won (again)!

Ya can see Iza there.  Ya cant hear her, but she was mutterin that I better give her some time on his lap or she will bite my toesies tonight.  Ha!  She'll try that annyway.  Im not movin annytime soon...

The Big Thing was stretchin aroun trying ta get some differnt camera angles.  It makes it look like Im slidin backwards here.  A bit strange-feelin lookin at the picture now.  I felt just fine at the time...

More funny angles.  He was trying ta stretch enough ta get my face.  His arms arent THAT long...

Oh great!  Now Im sliding down forward.  Wow, just lookin at it, my claws came out ta hold me in place...
But as strange as it looks here, I was purrfectly comfortable and level the whole time.  I wonder how pictures make things look like they arent?  But it was a very peaceful Sunday regardless!