Tuesday, November 30, 2010


AYLA:  Yay!  Its Cats 101 time!  I love watchin this show.
  There are KITTYPLAYS!
There are big white kittens who play red dot just like we do!
And Bigger white cats!
And there are crazy Tuxies who like Sticky Beins!  Yeah, srsly!  Here's PROOF!  An just LOOK at the pawstompers on the one...  I almost had an accident!!!
This here is a big one that runs aroun a lot.  I'm lookin at the birdie he is chasin!
Ah, I'm not sure if this one is comin or goin!
FUNCATS!  I am droolin over that sisal rope tower thing...
I think I'm in love...
Yep, nothin better on TV than this...  I can even read "Domestic Shorth".  Don't know that breed...
ACK, no, not the NEEDLE!!!
Oh, he was an actor.  No kitty got shot in this episode!  Whew!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Poof Attack!

IZA: A few days ago, when the weather was still a little nice an TBT was out werkin in the yard, I joined him, as I often do.  Usually, I just snoopervise, but sometimes I wander through the plants away from where he is werkin.  Seriously, shovel stabs and cat tails dont go well together...

So I was wanderin around near but not "undershovel" when I was surprised suddenly.  I POOFED!
 I dont do THAT very often.  Fer one thing, I have a very short tail.  Ayla kids me about it often (more about THAT someday).  But fer me ta LOOK poofed I hafta be REALLY poofed...
 I was REALLY poofed! 
The strangest thing is that I cant esplain ta TBT WHY I poofed.  I cant claim a skwerl or even frog, I cant claim a surprise smell.  I cant even claim a scary noise that TBT couldnt hear (though that would have been a good idea if I had thought of it then - how would he disprove it?).

No, it was just a randomated poof.  A GOOD ONE, but stiff just a causeless poof.

Does that ever happen ta you?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

Sunday afternoon on TBT's big bed.
We are takin it the easiest possible way...
 TBT an us, we shared the last of the Thanksgivin Day turkey an ham fer lunch an we ate ourselfs full up!
So we are nappin the rest of the day away with full tummies an dreams in our hearts...

We hope ya all are doing the same!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Subtle Iza

The Big Thing:  I usually eat dinner at a tray while watching TV.  Iza knows this is prime toy-tossin time.  She often plays fetch with the toys.

But sometimes I get distracted by the TV or my dinner and forget to see if she is still looking for more toys.  When that happens and she still wants to play (or resume playing), she has a way of reminding me quietly...

I'll happen to look down and see that she has very carefully placed a toy on my foot.  She never does that when we are actively engaged with toy-tossing.  At those times, she just drops the toy next to me.  This on-the-foot trick only happens when I've stopped paying attention!

Clever girl...

Added at 2 am:  This is so cool.  I am at the computer, with Ayla sitin next to me on the desk, and I can hear Iza playing with the rollertrak in the MewsRoom like crazy for the past hour! I won't try to take a picture, because she stops doing that kind of stuff when I turn on any light.  But it is so great just hearing the sounds of the playing.  TBT

Friday, November 26, 2010


Well, it wasnt the fanciest Thanksgiving Dinner.  Some years are better than others.

We dint have a turkey with mashed taters an gravy like most years.  This year, TBT wanted to make holindays sauce ta go with Ham an sparagus.  That dint werk.

He ate all the sparagus the day before an dint have any turkey parts like he planned.  So he dint wanna go to the grocery store Wensday cuz he hates the long lines.

So we had real ham wif cheese sauce on broccoli, baked squash, and some weerd onion/pepper/mushroom mix.

We weren't thrilled. but we made the best of it.  We sat on both sides of him and got constant bits of ham fer almost an hour.  Then after, we got our 3RD Stinky Goodness of the day.  That was great.  Soulistic shredded chic-hen has become our favorite.

Later at night, we got a nother treat.  TBT had a piece of steak he had not ruined wif spicies!  He made thin slices of it all on 2 plates.  His, he spiced up.  Our little plate, he dint.

Then he warmed them in the radio-active thing

(TBT, the M/V, for like 10 seconds)

Yeah that weerd warmer thing.  But only barely warm fer us.  You now what we mean, mouse temperature...

So we got steak late!!!

We both sat on his lap an the chair arms getting the steak bits.  We fell asleep there too, touchin each other.  We love ta do that when TBT doesn't have a camera wif him...  MOL!

Good time...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day 
From All of Us to All of You...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Toesie Tuesday

Well, we've temporarily run off our toesies.  So here is our big tank fishie instead!

Little tank fishies come and go, but Mr Plecostomus stays.

He is older than we are.  TBT says he started about 2" long 10 years ago!  He is about 8" long now.   So mebbe this is Finny Tuesday...

 Hanging on ta actal Petrified Wood!
 Scoopin up all the let over fishie flake foods...
Hes a friend.  Well, a weerd WET friend...

Monday, November 22, 2010

New MewsRoom Thing!

Oh wow, we gotta HOUSE in our MewsRoom!  Seriously, a cute little puurfect house of our own!

The Big Thing found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  He was there fer somethin else, but there it was...

 Yeah, we see the little doggie on the box.  Don't worry about that.  This thing is great fer us kitties!
 TBT set it up on the floor, we went right in...

It was love at first sight!
I curled innit and purred straight out!

When it was moved ta the MewsRoom, it was even better!   I sat inside fer a while...

 Then Ayla had her turn inside.  She said it was "GREAT!"

 But I took it over again.
This is a great place ta deflect pouncies too!  Ayla tried ta come around wif a pounce and I dint hafta even move.  I LOVE this new little house!
So we got the rollertrack and the little kittie house in here now.  We are pawsitively palpititatin ta see what shows up here next!  TBT has made promises, and so far, he is doin good. 

An dont worry, we both took a turn nappin in there...  We share (sometimes).

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

Well today was SUNDAY FUNDAY!  We got this rollertrak months ago, but paid little attention to it.  But it got moved ina our new MewsRoom an alla sudden, we loved it!
 Ya can bat the ball aroun the track...
 It helped us that TBT replaced the heavy ball wif a ping-pong ball.  That's easier ta bat aroun...  It snaps right in.
 We both played wif it...

Ayla taps it gently...
But agily, sometimes back-paws it.  She is good!  She got it over the hump.
 I couldn't do that at first.  I could stretch an bat the ball, but not very strongly.
 I hadda practice at it.
 I finally did, an Ayla followed the ball wif her nosie.
 She batted it REAL hard an it got over the hump again. 
 I tried ta stop it. but it was real fast.  The track fooled me, I thought the ball would go straight.  But it went OVER the hump again.  DRAT!
TBT:  Iza is good at shoving the ball over the hump.  She gets her paw under the ball and pushes it over.  Ayla can hit the ball so hard it gets over the hump on its own.  And Iza hasn't quite figured out where the ball is when it goes under the hump.

The important part is that neither played with it at all until I moved it into the new MewsRoom! Something good happened there...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

For Patches

We dint know Patches really well.  But we are regular visitors to The Big Piney Woods Cats blog.  So we were sad to see Patches first declining, then going over the Bridge.  Losing Skeeter and LC the past 2 years, we know how much it hurts.  We left a message of sympathy of course.  But they are hurting bad.  We all understand that pain of loss.

But we saw that AFSS posted pictures of butterflies because Patches was buried under a butterfly tile.  We think that is an outstanding idea.  So we are gonna post a butterfly picture for Patches here, and we encourage evryone else ta do the same...

Use this one, find yer own, use pictures ya took yerself, whatever.  But lets see butterflies all over the blogosphere for Patches...

"Butterflies are free
Free to come and go
Free to spread their wings
Know that I know
You'll come back to me
Cause love like butterflies are free"