Thursday, November 04, 2010

BlogBlast For Peace

Ya, thats our header picture with werds added.  Thats cuz we are at peace wif each other, so its the best picture we know.

We deliberately wanted to show that "PEACE"is right unner our noses...  An though its 2010, the "20" is separated from the "10" ta point out that it isn't just this year, its the whole century.  And beyond would be good too...

We fuss an wrassle sometimes, but that doesnt mean we hafta hurt each other.  Real fightin is bad fer gettin along in the long run.  Ya dont efer want someone ta hurt someone ya live wif...

And make no mistake about it, we ALL LIVE TOGETHER!!!


Share space.
Share food.
Share water.
Groom each other at least once a day.

Try not ta annoy annyone.

Kiss and make up when ya DO annoy someone.

We are pretty sure that will werk worldwide...


  1. Try not to annoy anyone? Hmmm. But what if I just can't help myself???

  2. I like your rules! I don't know how well we can do with the not annoying anyone part, though.

  3. Peace to you all! And we had da same question as spitty, some of da kittys and doggys just cant help but be annoyin....mol. Oh wells, dats just who dey are!

    Peace today and evfurry day!

    Da Critters

  4. There is a time ta wrassle and a time ta sleep together.

    A time ta fuss and a time to snuggle in peace.

    A time to eat alone and a time ta share foods from one bowl.

    A time to share window-sniffies...

    A time to play together with the toys.

    And there is a time to share Bein lap-time. Or a nice softy place. We will be showin that soon, but we cant in the comments.

  5. Excellent!

    We also see you "Time To" comment here. Very well done! Inspiring

  6. You girls are SMART! We try to follow the rules, too. Some days are better than others, but we're TRYING!

  7. Them's good rules, Iza and Ayla...we could all do with following them!

    Peace to you and yours - have a great day!


  8. An interesting post. Each blogger has been creative and this is neat. Glad you get along. Peace is wonderful.

  9. Peace - it's lots better dan fightin an hissin alla time!
    ~ Victor

    PS I's not gettin plump, I's floofy! Or dat's my foot. Mom's new at Photoshop Elements, so she prolly did it. Ya, dat's it. An anyway, Nina makes me look big.

  10. We're purring and purring for Peace!

  11. Oh yeah...if only the humans were more like us cats!! Peace to you!

  12. Yeah, we may have our wrasslin' times, but we make up for lovin' and playin' together.

  13. We lub yer rules, we has to werk of some of dem between us here.

    Purrs and peace =^.^=

    I is Jake!

  14. Good rules, we thinks they would work everywhere. Now just to get everyone to listen.

  15. Now those are rules to live by!
    LOVELY post and I adore your header!!

    #2063 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery at

    Thank you so much for participating!
    Hope to see you again NOV 4, 2011

    Peace to you and yours,


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