Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

From all of Us!

We here all hope that 2010, the last year of the decade, leads us out of the decade on a high note!  It has been a sad decade for too many so far, so a good end of it would be nice...

We don't neen to describe the decade.  We have all had PROBLEMS, and we have learned that too many kitties get lost or go over the Bridge every year.  We miss them all.  The sadness and loss won't end in 2010, but we have come to accept it.  We have learned to cherish our siblings and friends while they are here, and to remember them with love after they go.  We know that we ourselves will go over the Bridge one day to be reunited with our friend cats-who-came-before while we await our Beings to join us.

But today starts a New Year, and we look forward to it.  Winter will melt into Soring and there wil be mousies to hunt, days spent nappin on the deck, Stinky Goodness fer dinner, treats to enjoy, toys ta play with, and a Bein ta sleep on at night. 

May 2010 bring you only good things, happiness, and joy of life...

LC, Ayla, and Iza