Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ayla inna Box

Ayla:  I love bein in boxes.  I love watching the fishies up close.  I got ta do both a few days ago!

Me inna box:

Me inna box onna box:

Me inna box onna box onna box!

Wow!  That was so much fun...

An ya see Iza's head at the bottom of the last picture?  She is SO JEALOUS!  Cuz she knows I can just float up into the empty boxes an not disturb them at all.  But if SHE tried it they would all crash down inna mess wif her fallin down the stairs (right nexta the boxes).  MOL!!!

[The Big Thing:  Ayla, don't forget that you are the one who killed the lava lamp]

That WASNT my fault!  YOU left the top of the toy box open, so when I jumped over ya ta land on the top, it wasn't where it was sposed ta be and it all crashed over.  NOT my fault!  Hmpff!

Asides, we TOLE ya, ya can get a new one...