Friday, January 08, 2010

We're Back

THE BIG THING:  At least the computer is working "temporarily"...

The computer was not repaired.  It works, but the fan is on high speed constantly and I fear the whole thing will die completely at any moment.

The problem is that I smoke.  I did not realize the damage that was causing to the computer.  I did a search on "Macs and cigarette smoke" and learned WHY it was such a problem.  Apple techs will not work on smoke-affected computers by official Apple policy.  Reading about the problem, I don't terribly blame them.  The details of the sad adventure are HERE

So, I have ordered a Mac Mini to replace the Mac Pro (which was WAY more computer than I needed).  It has a 500 GB hard drive, 4 GB memory, a 2.5 mhz chip, etc.  I have the entire Mac Pro hard drive backed up on an external drive, so I shouldn't be losing any files, apps, or emails.

And I won't smoke after it arrives.  This may all actually work out for the best.

I turn this back over to the cats tomorrow...