Saturday, January 09, 2010

I'm In Serious Trubble!

AYLA:  The Big Thing is very upset wif me.  He says I just became an indoor kitty!

Well, I knew he was unhappy wif my gettin over the big fence and wanderin aroun fer hours and not comin back when called lots.  But I relly made it all wrong Monday.  Ya see, he hadda bring the puter ta be repaired and leave at Noon.  But it was only 9 am an it was cold out so he figured I wouldn't stay out long.  He called at 11 am, and every few minnuts after.  I heard him OK an he could see me outside the fence but I wouldnt come back in.  He even pushed leavin later than he wanned to.

He finally had ta leave.  He says that made him miss his appointment, which meant he hadda wait fer a whole extra hour just ta drop off the puter and drive home.  He's used ta that kinna stuff, so he wasnt real upset.  But when he got home, I still wouldn't come in an he was getting real worried cause of the cold.  I'd been out 6 hours!

Then one time he called an he heard me call behind him.  He looked around and dint see me, cause I was up on the roof!  Then I came runnn to the roof edge cause I wanned ta come IN.  It was cold an windy up there an I couldnt get down!

How did I get up there?  Well, Im not tellin in case he figures out how ta stop me...  He figures I either jumped 6 whole feet up from the deck rails ta the roof or I climbed the huge tree and either jumped or fell from the big branch over the roof 20 feet above.  But Im not sayin which.  Let him figure it out.

But Im gettin ahead of the story...

So there I was at the edge of the roof by the deck with him askin me ta jump down.  UH-UH, that looked too far and hard.  So he ran an got the stepladder and set it up.  It reached right to the gutter, but I ran back to the chimbly ta keep out of the wind.  I cried at him efrytime he called my name, but I dint wanna come to the ladder.

He was annoyed cause I run up an down the stepladder in the basement fer fun.  So he also put up the big xtention ladder cause I go up an down that too.  Ya may remember me doin that when I was younger.

I think I may have been gettin the woozies from the cold.  It was about 20 degrees and the wind was blowin hard.  So TBT climbed up the ladder ta the roof.  He doesn't like heights like I do.  In fact, it took him a few minnits to get off the ladder onto the roof.  Then he crept toward me callin my name.  That was actally fun.  Until he grabbed me, that is.  He was faster than anny snake!  I grabbed him back with all claws right inta him.

I even got a claw inta his nose an made it bleed bad.  But he wasn't lettin go of me and I wasn't lettin go of him.  He shuffled carefully down ta the stepladder I like ta run up an down in the basement, but I wasn't having annything ta do wif THAT!

I wouldn't go down.  I grabbed the roof, the gutter, the stepladder and TBT wif every claw I had.  He  cried and begged but I wasnt goin!  Then he held me inside his light jacket in the wind an the cold hopin I would calm down.  I refused!  He was about ta drop me down onna deck, but he shuffled over ta the xtension ladder I used so easily in 2008.  He may as well tried ta push a pig down a baftub drain...

I've done it before all easily and liked it.  But not THIS time!

He sat there tryin desperately to figure out how ta get onna ladder holding me, but he couldnt.  He was getting woozy from the heights and feelin sick.  He finally forced me down a step atta time  while guardin the roof so I couldn't get back up.  I finally went down awkwardly one step atta time.  Me, awkward?  He followed.

Ya know what I did when I got onna ground?  Do ya?


I ran off over the fence!  I stayed away fer 4 more hours (an it was after dark then) in spite of him callin me efry 10 minutes the whole time.

I finally decided it was too nasty outside an came in.  I ran to eat some food (which was happily offerred), then I went an curled up on his lap.  That's when he told me the bad news...

I am an indoor kitty now.  In fact, we are all pretty much indoor kitties now.  LC doesnt wanna go out much annymore, an Iza has nefer really liked outdoors much.  5 minnits out on the deck fer her an she is ready ta come in.  But TBT says that they are allowed out cause they dont wanna be out much, while I am not allowed out cause I like it too much.  An he says specially that he aint goin up on that roof again.

He says he is real sad cause he likes havin kitties outdoors wif him like in gardening weather.  Mebbe he will relent when the whether gets nice again an it is safe to be out all day, but he seems pretty woorried and upset about me right now.

I guess I really made some mistakes Monday!