Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sad News

THE BIG THING:  I am sad to say that an era has ended.  LC has joined Skeeter over the Bridge.  Skeeter joined me in 1992, LC the year after.  Together, they were a major part of my life for 17 years.  I hardly know how to imagine their absence.  While LC was still here, so was Skeeter in a way.  Now she has gone too.

LC died peacefully at the vet place of a sudden kidney infection after some apparent confusion last night.  The details are HERE if you want to know the details and can tolerate pictures.

LC had been fading for many months due to thyroid problems (for which she had to accept oral meds twice per day and hated it).

I miss her so much.  This past year since Skeeter left, she became slowly more willing to be held on my lap for a few minutes.  Last night, she stayed there for almost 30 minutes and I was thrilled.  She even purred, and that has been a rare event this past 13 months.  I know it was only because she missed Skeeter so much, but I was so thrilled each time she was willing to lap-nap with me.

Last night, she voluntarily hopped on my lap.  I should have known something was wrong. She was saying goodbye and I didn't realize it.

I am sure that she would have wanted to convey her "goodbye-until-we-meet-again" to all of you, her dear friends, but she was caught off-guard herself, so I have to do it myself.  So, on her behalf, I will say "thanks for all the nice awardies, secret paw gifts, comments, and love.  See you over the Bridge someday - LC".

Ayla, Iza, and I will be taking a few days away from blogging while we mourn our absent auntie cat LC...

Farewell dear friend...

Skeeter Is Talkin Ta Me

LC: No really, I been hearing Skeeter in my head again lately. He says it is time ta join him over the Bridge. He says I can decide the time an there is no rush, but I should start thinkin about it.

Hes got a good point. I'm so tired these days. Going out onna deck is about all I can do. Some days I see the birdies inna trees, but some days I see the Bridge. Skeeter tells me it wont be too much longer. I hardly even wanna get ta the litterbox these days. I do, cause I've always been a clean kitty, but its gettin harder.

The Big Thing says it is OK, cause he knows how difficult the thyroid thing is makin my life   He knows I hate the oral meds twicet a day, an he hates making me take them, but he says he will do that as long as I want him to, and gladly.  I appreciate that.  I do like ta sit on his lap more often the past year, cuz the strokin an scritchin feels good.  Attention is allus good!

But still, I feel so strange these days.  I'm so uncomfortable alla time an I dont sleep well.  Not much appetite either.  Stinky Goodness just doesnt smell as good as it used to, ya know?  TBT comes lookin for me at meal times an hasta put the bowl unner my nose afore I notice its food.  Ayla an Iza tell me theirs tastes an smells great, so it must be me.

When I do sleep, I dream of wide green meadows full of frogs and mousies.  And being 2 years old again.  And nappin with Skeeter like I did for so many years.