Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Gotcha Day

AYLA and IZA: Well yesterday was our Gotcha Day!  We are not cellybratin much this time cause of LC goin ofer the Bridge jus a few days ago.  It dint seem right.  But we will haf lots of others, so its alright.  We are both pretty sad cause LC was OK an all, and if she got a little whappy sometimes, we know it was cause she missed Skeeter so much and wasn't feelin real good fer other reasons.

We did get duck fer dinner an that was cool.  An some new rattley mice showed up.  Well, we're young, we're Meezers, we GOTTA run around an chase toys!

But we miss LC, too, so we will stay close on The Big Thing tonite and spread purrs all ofer him.  An we will be spreading YOUR purrs ofer him too.  You all sent so many, it will take us many nites.

An thank ya all for so MANY words of comfort.  It means a lot ta him.  An us, too.