Wednesday, February 03, 2010


THE BIG THING: We are back, barely.  Still having some puter problems.  We are typing while the puter fan is noisy and threatening to fail at any time.  We have received the replacement keyboard, so we can at least type again, but we can't get at old pictures.  Fortunately, those are saved on the external hard drive.

When the Apple monitor cable adapter arrives (should have arrived USPS days ago), we will be able to transfer the external hard drive files to the new Apple Mini.  But until when we are limited.

It has been a really annoying 60 days.  We like Apple puters, but we have had a really hard time of it.  Unlike PC hardware, Apple stuff is not available in every big box store!  ARGGH!  The nearest Apple store to us is 45 minutes away, one-way.  And they are so busy, it is a 2 hour visit JUST to drop the puter off for an evaluation.  Apple repair stores are not very friendly.

In that time, we have had the fan problems, 2 visits to Apple repair stores, an order for a new keyboard, an order for the new MacMini, and an order for a new mouse.  In between, we had to try to figure out some other hardware problems with a puter that was barely functioning.

So, we apologize for being absent for several weeks.  We hated that and it was driving us crazy.  We still aren't totally working again, but can function with the new keyboard.

The good news is that we have been taking lots of pictures and have a lot of good stories to relate about the weeks we have been absent.

We will have fun catching up on events...


Oh, the "Nightmares" part?  I had a terrible dream where Ayla's brain was a slide-out plastic frame with a puter chip.  And I lost it in the house. And she was just a wiggly thing trying to very slowly crawl away like a worm.  I searched everywhere but it was in a house I never lived in.  

I was SO relieved when I woke up and realized it was just a dream.  I then I went back asleep and repeated the dream.  It was worse the 2nd time around because this time I thought I was awake and it was real!